Mafia 2 Unused Interiors


This mod allows you to enter the buildings which are visible only in cut-scenes, and some of the missions in GTA San Andreas. Most of the interiors has made new collision files! Special thanks to SilentPL for made of the ASI file. LIST OF THE ENTERABLE BUILDINGS: 1.

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Main Game


There is a HUGE amount of scrapped missions that still exist in unused text.

These pieces are believed to be WWII missions:

While the rest of these are most likely regular missions that take place between 1943 - 1951.

Mafia 2 Unused Interiors For Sale

These pieces of text are evidence of multiple endings that 2k confirmed there would be:

There is a remain of a cut side mission:

Joe's Adventures

In the 'pcdlcscnt_joes_adventuressds_enguigui-main_dlc_ja.sds' file, there's a file called 'TextDatabase_MainMenu_JA.dat' that list all of the 'City Quest' missions which also shows some unused missions.






Cut Mission Details

The 'pcdlcscnt_joes_adventuressds_enmissionscriptdlc_game_director.sds', there's a file called 'TextDatabase_JA.dat' sheds some light on the cut missions.


Bruski - Paper Jam

31_56_60_0101:Joe! Heard you were back in town. Just in fuckin' time! Gotta big problem here I need you on. Some greaseball I hired just got pinched and ratted me out. Way that little shit's talkin' my buddy at the station says I ain't got long before I'm gonna have cops crawling all over my ass. I been havin' Giuseppe workin' on a set of papers for most of the cars in this lot. Even the ones I actually bought. Looks like I need 'em now. You get you're ass down to him fast, you bring 'em back, and I'll make it worth it for ya'. You used to make a lot of cash off this place Joe. You owe me on this.

31_56_80_0101:Get the fake papers from Giuseppe and bring them back to Bruski before the cops arrive!

31_51_81_0101:Get the papers from Giuseppe.31_51_81_0102:Deliver the papers to Mike Bruski.

31_52_81_0101:Pick up the papers from the table.

Bruski - Feed The Beast

31_56_60_0102:Joe! Heard you were back in town. The way your lookin', I'm thinkin' you could use some cash. I got just the thing for ya'. Uncle Sam's payin' big dough for steel these days, what with us just blowin' up half the world and all. I cut a sweet deal on an order of scrap, but I'm short, and gotta deliver real soon. I figure 'bout three cars oughta do it. You grab me the cars, we run 'em through the Beast, and we make some money. Any old piece of shit will do, just get it for me now.

31_56_80_0102:Steal three cars for Bruski and scrap them in his crusher.

31_51_81_0201:Scrap 3 cars in Mike's Beast.

31_52_81_0201:Steal a car to be scrapped.31_52_81_0202:1 out of 3 cars scrapped.31_52_81_0203:2 out of 3 cars scrapped.31_52_81_0204:3 out of 3 cars scrapped.31_52_81_0205:4 out of 5 cars scrapped.31_52_81_0206:Drive this vehicle into Mike's Beast and use the controls to scrap it.31_52_81_0207:This vehicle cannot be scrapped.

Bruski - King For Bruski

31_56_60_0103:Joe, you still up for making some cash? Got an order for a Berkley Kingfisher from some young punk downtown. Crazy sonnavabitch wants it red with a white roof, and he wants it today. Tell you what, from what I plan on chargin' this guy, I'll give ya' double the usual, that is, if you can get it here before he finds somebody else dumb enough to pull this off. And Joe, if I'm gonna move this thing, it's gotta be perfect. You get one scratch on it, and the whole thing's off. Try drivin' with your eyes open for a change.

31_56_80_0103:Find a red Berkley Kingfisher with a white top and get it to Bruski.

31_51_81_0301:Steal the Berkley Kingfisher and park the car by Mike's garage.31_51_81_0302:Change the car color to red.31_51_81_0303:Deliver the car to Bruski.31_51_81_0304:Repair the car. Bruski will not accept it like this.

31_52_81_0301:1 out of 2 cars delivered.31_52_81_0302:2 out of 2 cars delivered.


Tony - Rotten Cop

31_56_60_0202:You ain't gonna believe this one. Just got a call from the Maltese Falcon. Seems some jerkoff cop just come in threatenin' the whole operation. Got some photos or somethin' and wants a cut of everything. Little prick has some balls. Too bad you gotta kick em' in. Get your ass down to the Falcon, follow this prick home, and have a talk with him. Whatever you do with the guy, you make sure you get the photos. And he better still be breathin' when you're done. He might come in handy for some jobs we got comin' up.

31_56_80_0202:Beat some sense into a corrupt cop threating the organization.

31_51_82_0201:Get to the Maltese Falcon.31_51_82_0202:Follow the policeman to the slum and stay unnoticed.31_51_82_0203:*31_51_82_0204:Beat up the policeman.31_51_82_0205:Take the photos.

31_50_82_0101:Pick up the photos


Giuseppe - Old Man's Revenge

31_56_60_0404:I knew that bastard was not to be trusted. I find out from a friend where that sonnavabitch is hiding. I need somebody to take care of him for me. But, Joe, I not want anybody to get killed over this. I want you to, um, frame him for me. You get his car and make sure the cops are after him. Then return it to him before he catches on. With cops after him, he will have no time to come after me.

31_56_80_0404:Steal that prick's car and frame him around town. Make sure he gets it back when you're done.

31_51_84_0401:Get into the gangster's car.31_51_84_0402:Get a wanted status on the car.31_51_84_0403:Park the car in front of this asshole's house.31_51_84_0404:Get back to the car.

31_51_07_0030:Drive to Mr. Hanson's house.31_51_07_0031:Beat him up and pour some whiskey down his throat.31_51_07_0032:Get the wanted status on Mr. Hanson's car.31_51_07_0033:Drive back with the wanted car without the police on your tail.


Charlie - Brainwashing

31_56_60_0501:Joe, I hear you're lookin' to pick up some extra cash. I got an easy job for ya'. Lent some friends of mine a few cars to pull off a job a while back. Damn things been sittin' in South Millville a while now and I think I can finally move 'em. Bring em' back to me and I'll make it worth it for ya. One thing though. From what I hear, the job got a little messy. The kind of mess that don't come out with a hose. You wanna get paid you clean 'em up first. Last time the stench was so bad my girl wouldn't touch me for a week.

31_56_80_0501:Bring the cars back to Charlie. They better be clean and in perfect shape.

31_51_85_0501:Get into Charlie's car.31_51_85_0502:Have the car cleaned an the car wash.31_51_85_0503:The car is too damaged, repair it.31_51_85_0504:Get the car back to Charlie's.

31_52_85_0101:1 out of 3 cars washed.31_52_85_0102:2 out of 3 cars washed.31_52_85_0103:3 out of 3 cars washed.31_52_85_0104:You destroyed Charlie's car.


Marty - Cab For Marty

31_56_60_0702:Shit Joe, that was close! But I ain't through it yet. See that cab we trashed, it ain't mine. What am I supposed to tell my boss, I gotta go back to work today! We gotta get a new cab so he don't know the truth. Thing is, my boss is a real asshole. He knows those cars better than he does his kids. We gotta make sure it's a perfect match, down to the plates. Come on Joe, I'm screwed without you!

31_56_80_0702:Steal a cab for Marty. Make sure to change the license plates to MARTYS.

31_51_87_0201:Steal a cab.31_51_87_0202:Change the license plate of your cab to MARTYS.31_51_87_0203:Drive the cab to the garage.31_51_87_0204:Repair the cab.

31_52_87_0201:There are more cabs downtown than in the suburbs.31_52_87_0202:Drive carefully. The cab must be in good shape.31_52_87_0203:Change the license plate to MARTYS.

Marty - Pimp Job

31_56_60_0703:Thanks Joe I owe you. And I got the perfect way to pay ya' back. I got some, you know, working girls I get paid to drive around at night. It's easy work and the pays good. Plus there's the girls. I'm still shaked up today from all that business before. You know how my stomach gets when I'm like that. I can't put the girls through this. Trust me Joe, it'll be a good time. What do ya say?

31_56_80_0703:Pick up Marty's cab and take these classy ladies for a ride.

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