Dragon Age Origins Mage


Hera Drakul has lived her entire, long life decadently, bravely, and mostly luckily- but always on her own terms. No stranger to walking the planes of existence, she’s traveled to many different worlds, fighting alongside her twin brother and their ever-changing circle of comrades for coin, pleasure, and sometimes even what’s right. That all changed when she and Zeus discovered their parentage, leaving them with more power and responsibility than they’ve ever wanted.


More than other character types, the large variety of spells available in Dragon Age really make it hard for me to choose. Does anyone have recommendations for mage character builds that offer spells which are useful, fun and work well together? Choices which offer spell combinations are preferred but not essential.

After the novelty wears off, she finds her new life beautiful, predictable, and utterly boring.


Dragon Age Origins Mage Specializations

So when a mysterious mirror appears in the forest and whispers of adventure, she can't help but get closer. The temptation and curiosity that fueled so many escapades in her past lead her to Ferelden, where she has to determine friend from foe, keep a devastating secret, and discover who she is without her twin at her side.

Dragon Age Origins Mage Circle

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