Night Vision Goggles Scp

Night vision goggles scp

New items: Radio Transceiver and Very Fine Night Vision Goggles - Small additions to an intro - SCP-178 small rework - Texture and performance improvements - New sounds.Update coming out. Night Vision Goggles - these typically bi-ocular or monocular devices are by definition designed for headmount use. The most popular night vision goggle format is AN/PVS7 developed for the US military and deployed in various demanding environments worldwide.

Night Vision Goggles ScpBinoculars
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The SCP Foundation was mainly created as a horror Area 51 type of thing with all kinds of mysterious creatures, objects and things that are not considered normal and should be contained to keep the rest of the world safe. While eventually the Foundation has lead to creating harmless and friendly SCPs like SCP-999 or useful SCPs like SCP-914 and SCP-249, it's always great to look at the nightmare fuel of the SCP Foundation.

So what are the freakiest, scariest and creepiest SCPs to you so far? I haven't read all of them (Maybe it's because there are about 3000 SCPs to read) so I will just list the ones I have read about so far that have scared me a lot:

List of Scary SCPs to me so far:

Scpcb Night Vision Goggles

  • SCP-173: Also known as the Sculptor and the only thing SCP-682 fears. This was not only the first ever SCP ever created, but it was also my first ever read and trust me, he freaked me out a lot. The fact that he moves extremely fast when you don't see him and he snaps your neck only made me paranoid for a while. SCP-173 was a perfect example of what I was getting myself into when getting into the SCP Foundation after some recommended reading for horror on the internet.

  • SCP-096: Also known as the Shy Guy. It wasn't long until I bumped into this SCP. Now he is just completely creepy. I mean, if you look at his face, he [REDACTED] you!!! That only leads up to a lot of curiosity! What does his face look like? Is it scary and purely nightmare fuel? Is it of a normal human being? Only my imagination can run wild and then the worst part is that NOTHING can stop him once you see his face. Even in the most secure cell, he will get out and [REDACTED] you. You can't even just peep at his face by viewing a picture or video of it! I even read the story of how far he went to kill someone for looking at his face. Halfway across the world, someone just viewed his picture with his face on it and SCP-096 traveled across the world to kill him, while killing innocent bystanders who accidentally looked at his face. I'm serious, I wouldn't want to run into this SCP.

  • SCP-682: He is an extremely intelligent and indestructible giant lizard that hates humanity. He talks and is very murderous. Not even a nuke can stop him. Just imagine what would happen if he got loose.

  • SCP-939: I decided to read up on this SCP and trust me, they are just creepy. Basically they mimic the voices of their previous victims to lure in more victims to devour. Just purely terrifying and freaky.

  • SCP-106: While his picture shows how terrifying he looks, I am more terrified of entering his pocket dimension. I saw the image of what a victim looks like after they escape the pocket dimension. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie. I know SCP Containment Breach got you into his pocket dimension but I don't consider the game canon. I let my own imagination run wild of what the pocket dimension can do to you. The worst part is that it's difficult to contain him. You can't touch him because one touch and you either die or enter his demonic pocket dimension. I do not like Larry.

  • SCP-049: More of a badass SCP but still creepy. One touch from him and you turn into a mindless flesh-eating zombie. He claims he is the cure and the way he describes this is enough to make you feel uneasy by him.

  • SCP-082: Also known as Fernand the Cannibal. After watching an animated short based on the Foundation, I got curious about this SCP and read about him. He is actually creepy. He acts all civil and Shakespear-like, but then bites your head off... literally. The description of this beast paints a picture of something definitely scary. I bet even Hannibal Lector would be terrified of this guy!

  • SCP-174: Also known as the Ventriloquist Dummy. What more can I say? I think dolls, dummies, statues and anything that shouldn't be alive but are extremely unsettling! It's very creepy to how this dummy can get you to like it but then you become extremely over protective over it. Trust me, I wouldn't want to encounter this dummy.

  • SCP-993: Clowns that tell kids to do horrible things is already a win for creepy.

  • SCP-035: Masks that possess people are enough to make me terrified. 'Nuff said.

  • SCP-966: These creatures can only be seen through night vision goggles. There's nothing more that needs to be said. They could be around you and you can't even see them. You can hear them and even feel them breathing on you, but you can't see them unless you use night vision goggles. Plus, the look absolutely terrifying.

  • SCP-087: When it comes to the fear of the unknown, this one fits perfectly. It's an endless staircase and at the bottom is a creature that is extremely terrifying.

So that is my list so far. What about yours? :D