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Nov 22, 2015 - I thought we could try to guilt Arth into making an alternate start mod for FO4, and having ideas ready would make it easier. Some ideas to start. Social Links. Older notices are on the front page. Start stop fullscreen. No gamepads detected. Plug in and press a button to use it. Alt+Enter keys to switch to full screen game play, and Alt+Enter keys to return. How to play: Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows.


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Fallout 4 Alt Start

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Fallout 4 Alternative Start Mod

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Fallout 4 Start Me Up Freeze

  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • German

Translations available on the Nexus

RussianStart Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul - Russian Translation
SpanishStartMe-Up Normal Dialogue Prompts - Spanish (6.1)
ItalianStart Me Up - Basic Version (2.0) - Italian Translation - Traduzione Italiana
GermanStart Me Up - Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul - German Translation
  • Version 6.1

    • Patches
      * Updated Nuka World patch to fix those two lines where you refer to being from the past, or refer to Shaun. Thanks to Rusey for identifying the lines. Also added StartMeUp.esp as a master so LOOT will sort the patch correctly automatically.
      Starting Options
      * Added support for Enclave X-03 Hellfire if you choose an Enclave character (must have mod installed). You now get a submenu where you pick Enclave Officer uniform only, Enclave X-02 (and uniform, if installed) or Enclave X-03 (and uniform, if installed).
      * Added NCR Ranger starting gear option (must have mod installed), replacing Wasteland Settler (which wasn't very unique).
      * If installed, Enclave X-02 power helmet, X-03 Hellfire power helmet, and NCR Ranger Helmet will all be added to the Four Eyes trait formlist.
      * If installed, Enclave X-02 power helmet, X-03 Hellfire power helmet, and NCR Ranger Masks will all be added to the Unsightly trait formlist.
      * Fixed a couple typos.
      * Probably fixed the issue with the Vault 111 inner gear door not opening if you have a huge load order.
      I installed 150+ mods and couldn't make it happen anymore. Basically, I added some redundancies to the scripts to make sure the right things happen even if you have a big load order on a slow machine. Not 100% sure it's fixed though, as the issue appears to be caused by the game engine being overloaded with script commands.
  • Version 6.0

      Bugs fixed:
      * Fixed rare bug where menu prompt in pre-war bathroom did not appear (caused by some unknown mod conflict resulting in unfilled aliases)
      * Fixed missing T51 helmet on Unsightly formlist
      * Added power armor helmets to Four Eyes formlist
      * For alternate starts, removed note in veterans hall terminal that uses the player's name
      * For non-vault starts, fixed some missed dialogue lines with companion chatter that still refer to you as a vault dweller
      * Fixed rare bug where Raiders in your local gang would be hostile
      * Fixed minor issue with Knight-Captain Cade's dialogue
      Trait updates:
      * The Unsightly and Four Eyes traits now will work with the expansion pack items from Automatron, Far Harbor, and Nukaworld
      * The Gifted and Small Frame traits now give you the choice to apply the benefits as a permanent increase (perk chart, better for early game) OR as a magic effect (pip-boy status menu, better for late game)
      * Added default Vault-boy animation to all of the traits (shows up in the Pip-Boy)
      Under the hood:
      * Removed all edits to Vault 111 so the mod now touches ZERO cells and worldspaces for maximum compatibility (this was a big project)
      * Converted all starting gear allotments to leveled lists (from script properties, another big project)
      * Cleaned up unused script properties
      New features:
      * Start Me Up now makes a save point after you create your character
      * Start Me Up now turns off the radio in the pre-war bathroom so you don't hear 'It's All Over' for the thousandth time
      * For non-vault starts, added 18 new classes (now 38 total) including: Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Institute, Minutemen, Church of Atom, Gunners, Forged, Chinese Agent, Wealthy Civilian, Poor Civilian, Settler, Cannibal, Enclave, Rust Devil, Trapper, Pack, Operators, Disciples (the last six will only work if you have the appropriate mods/expansions installed)
      * For non-vault starts: made appropriate dialogue and global variable changes for the new faction-based alt start paths (these dialogue changes are MINOR so don't expect much, just a few short lines for BoS, Railroad, Minutemen, and Church of the Atom.)
      * For non-vault starts: added gear difficulty setting - choose four different levels of gear that you get at startup. First level is just clothes, second level adds a melee and ranged weapon, third level adds some armor and more ammo, and fourth level adds another ranged weapon and a full armor set. As difficulty gets easier, you also get more aid items and ammo, and better weapons.
      * For non-vault starts: added character level setting - choose a starting level, and most of the above start gear will be leveled with you (as much as that is possible). You will then be able to immediately spend your perk points and customize your character.
      * For non-vault starts, added 18 new start locations (now 38 total), and sorted the list by difficulty of the zone
      * For non-vault starts, added ability to randomize start options. Simply fill out your character normally, then when you're done you will have the option to randomize some or all of your character's attributes (excluding appearance and name).
  • Version 5.5

    • Fixed a number of minor bugs.
      * Fixed issue with Fast Shot trait, thanks to IDontEvenKnow for the bug report. I just turned it down and changed the description, not much else I can do.
      * Fixed issues with Full Dialogue Interface when using Vanilla Start. Thanks to lnodiv for the bug report.
      * Fixed dialogue with Jack Cabot, when starting outside the vault. Thanks to 5746 for the bug report.
      * Fixed dialogue with the scout bot at the USS Constitution, when starting outside the vault. Thanks to rcoll for the bug report.
      * Made sure all of the MQ101 and MQ102 stages are set and objectives are completed, in order to maximize compatibility with mods that add items to the player. Thanks to IDontEvenKnow for the bug reports.
      * Fixed a number of issues with Full Dialogue Interface compatibility, for the FDI version of Start Me Up. The good news is that there should be a lot fewer issues. The bad news is that it takes me about 4x as long to make the FDI version now, and I remake it each time I update the mod.
  • Version 5.4

    • Fixed a major bug in several of the Traits. It would only occur if your base special stat was exactly equal to 2, but if any stat was equal to 2 and you had one of the offending traits, it would break the entire perk menu! Thanks to SPITSPHIRE for the detailed bug report, which got me pointed in the right direction to figure this out.
  • Version 5.3

    • * Fixed a couple dozen minor dialogue bugs reported by Nexus member 5746. Thank you very much! These fixes include a large number adjustments for Abernathy farm (for the non-vault start) and the interview with the doctor aboard the Prydwen, as well as minor changes here and there.
      * Also fixed a minor issue with the Vault 111 Cryo Room terminal.
      * Finally, I was able to remove another worldspace edit by moving the initial trigger of the alt start menu to an invisible trigger instead of having it attached to the door. So now the ONLY cell or worldspace that Start Me Up edits is Vault111Cryo (post-war). Pretty cool!
  • Version 5.2

    • * Fixed problem where trigger box 00051877 does not disable properly via script using GetFormFromFile(). This is what was causing the 'coming out of the vault' animation to play for some users when running across the vault platform. Thanks to tabakova for the bug report.
      * Fixed problem where sometimes the raiders will be hostile if you choose the raider start. This was because the game's script engine cannot fill the aliases fast enough, and the raiders spawn locations are random. If they spawned next to you, then they would attack you before the aliases could be filled.
      * Fixed balance where Mercenary and Sniper (Scout) loadouts are overpowered relative to others.Cleaned up scripts and removed unused properties to shorten main bathroom door script.
      * Moved some script events for starting outside the vault off of the main script to the spawn trigger box in order to decrease script engine overload risk.
      * Fixed issue where trait respec terminal wouldn't actually delete traits even though you tell it to. It now functions properly.
  • Version 5.1

    • Fixed a few bugs related to Fallout 4 patch v1.9 dealing with Vault 111's elevator if you started outside the vault. Thanks to RangerHawk for the bug report. Also fixed the trait respec option - just go to the terminal in Vault 111 Cryo (where you normally are frozen) and choose 'Enter Health History'. This is also where you choose traits (if any) if you start in the Vault. Also, I cleaned up the traits menus a little bit.
  • Version 5.0

    • MAJOR UPDATE Thanks to the help of many people far more skilled than myself, I have made a number of updates to this mod in order to improve compatibility with other mods. The number of changes made to the wasteland worldspace is reduced from a several dozen to zero. There are only two changed cells now - the bathroom in Pre-war Sanctuary and Vault 111 interior (no way to get around these). I also reduced the number of persistent references significantly. So, this version should be much more compatible.
      In addition to those changes under the hood, there are also a number of changes to the menu on the bathroom door. You can roll your own character much more easily, and you can now also select Traits! I went with traits from the original games, plus a few that are replacements for old traits that aren't possible in the Fallout 4 engine. For people starting in the Vault, or if you just want to re-spec your traits, you can do that from the Vault 111 Cryo terminal, in the same room where you wake up from your cryo pod. I put this in here just in case there are issues with the traits, as they are fairly new.
      This version also contains several bugfixes. I fixed a bug with the Memory Den if you go there before doing the main quest. I fixed a bug with the pre-war grass still showing up in Sanctuary sometimes. I fixed a bug with the Vault 111 weapons auto-equipping even if you started outside the vault.
      For this version in particular, I'd like to thank ShadowShayde for help with menu papyrus scripting, kinggath and Vicyorus for help with aliases and papyrus scripting, and pintocat and Gribbleshnibit8 for reviewing the traits.
  • Version 4.7

    • Fixed bug where pre-war grass would show up in Sanctuary. Thanks to OpTicZ0MB1E and Xavi940 for reporting this bug (sorry I didn't believe you the first time Xavi940). Fixed some issues with Scribe Haylen's terminal entries. Made it so that the end-game video no longer plays if you started outside the vault (since it makes no sense, being mostly about pre-war vs. post-war life). Made some minor improvement's to Codsworth's first meeting dialogue.
  • Version 4.6

    • Fixed an intermittent bug where sometimes, when you select a not-in-the-vault alternate start option, the frozen version of Nate/Nora would not stay in their cryo pod. It took me a long time to replicate this bug on my installation, but it can be done by simply starting a new game with a giant load order. What I think probably happens is that the game doesn't have enough system resources to execute all the script commands, and doesn't evaluate the AI package that tells the placed actor to go to their cryopod. This is a vanilla bug as well, oddly enough. So, I moved that part of the script from the main bathroom door script to the script that triggers when you descend the Vault 111 elevator for the first time, and that seemed to fix it. Also, I fixed two very minor dialogue issues.
  • Version 4.5

    • Fixed two minor dialogue bugs, one related to the Vault Tec Rep and one related to the synths in the institute. Thanks to jonozilla and donngold and EnvyDeveloper for the bug reports!
  • Version 4.4

    • Fixed bug with Institutionalized quest - thanks to Michele Magus for the bug report! Fixed minor bug with starting in Bunker Hill. Fixed minor issues with some start markers showing up on local map. New feature: if you select the last option in the list of alternate start locations (select 'I can't remember, let me think...'), you can select any one of twenty loadouts and any one of twenty start locations, allowing you to roll your own custom alternate start setup. Thanks to Scarecrow23 for the idea!
  • Version 4.3

    • Added ten more start options for advanced players. These make the game significantly harder, as you start out as a level one character in much higher-level areas. Good luck!
  • Version 4.2

    • Fixed a significant bug with Codsworth's dialogue. Made several other minor fixes. Thanks to Xinamon and demonbreathersubscriptions for the Codsworth bug report.
  • Version 4.1

    • Fixed a number of minor bugs. For the raider alternate start: your clan of raiders will now attack you if you attack them. For all the alternate starts, you will no longer see your clothes change if you are in third person (like in the video) and the sequence is a bit faster. Created alternate dialogue lines for scenes that I missed related to Daisy in Goodneighbor, Nick's companion quests, the scene when you first meet the Railroad, one line from Dr. Amari, and a couple others.
  • Version 4.0

    • MAJOR UPDATE Added ability to start in nine more locations, all outside vault 111. Added several hundred dialogue changes that are used if you start outside the vault (i.e. for all those times you tell people you are from a vault). Everything works, no weird bugs like other alt start mods. You can still go back into Vault 111 if you want, no audio glitches, no weird stuff. Also made some minor bug fixes for the existing start paths. I'm also switching the numbering, so Beta v4 = 4.0. It is now the 'main file' and the simplified version is the optional file.
  • Version 3.0

    • Fixes two missing lines of Institute dialogue. Thanks to bamani71 for the bug report. Also fixed (edited) three lines that were combinations of other lines, which I felt were a little too rough. Finally, for the XBOX version, the lip synch should be working. Apparently you have to convert the .lip/.xwm pairs into .fuz files for XBOX. Thankfully there is a tool included with the Creation Kit. But really, the CK should warn you if you try to upload a file for XBOX that doesn't include .fuz files.
  • Version 2.0

    • Fixes minor bugs in Codsworth dialogue, Institute dialogue. Added version for people who don't use Full Dialogue Interface and want the original-game-style short dialogue prompts.
  • Version 1.0

    • Adds fixes for about 50 more dialogue lines, including all of Act 3 of the main quest and several misc. lines that I missed. Finally feature complete and ready for Beta. Next step is fixing any bugs or missed dialogue lines (I'm sure there will be some) which imply that your character had a family/son. There shouldn't be many, but you never know.Terms searched for in Excel: father, mother, mom, dad, parent, related, relation, married, love, find him, baby, infant, boy, child, kid, spouse, wife, husband, family, son, and ShaunTotal strings analyzed by hand: 2915 (about 2.4% of the strings in the entire game)Total alternate dialogue lines created: 583 (all voiced by the original actors and lip synced)Total quests edited: 67 (just dialogue, a few journal entries, and a few objectives)
  • Version 0.92

    • Fixes for about 100 more lines, including all of Act 2 of the main quest. I also included a couple fixes for some Institute dialogue. I have evaluated over 2800 dialogue lines by hand so far, and the mod now includes about 540 different lines of dialogue versus the original game. Hopefully once I finish Act 3, this will be a Beta (feature complete) and not an Alpha. Yay.
  • Version 0.91

    • Fixes for about 100 more lines of dialogue, including all of Act 1 of the main quest and the first part of Act 2, up to the Memory Den. I also searched for some additional terms - father, mother, mom, dad, parent, related, and relation - which added more lines to my list. This version also adds a few fixes for misc. quests and companion dialogue that I missed due to these search terms.
  • Version 0.9

    • This update adds fixes for abernathy, diamond city, good neighbor, the railroad, and the institute. I added several search terms to my dialogue screen, as I noticed I was missing some infos. Screened infos now include anything with: baby, infant, boy, child, kid, spouse, wife, husband, family, son, and Shaun. Because of this I was able to catch a bunch of missed infos in companions and other misc. quests. I would say 99% of the non-main-quest dialogue is now fixed. Next step is working through the main quest. So far I've fixed over 330 lines of dialogue.
  • Version 0.8

    • Fixes for goodneighbor quests, minutemen quests, and some misc. dialogue fixes
  • Version 0.7

    • Finally finished dialogue edits for Codsworth as a companion. Since almost all of his dialogue is about how he knew you pre-war, I only edited the player's dialogue that references the son/spouse etc. so that stuff is gone. Basically you react to him as 'I think you've got me mistaken for someone else' the first few times you interact with him, but he always sees you as his former master. Crazy robot!
  • Version 0.6

    • Adds about forty fixes, including several misc. conversations at settlements and some railroad and institute dialogue
  • Version 0.5

    • Adds a couple dozen fixes, including additional diamond city lines, mama murphy lines, misc quest lines (MS04), the last of the companion commentary (i hope), and the last of the BoS stuff.
  • Version 0.4

    • Adds over 65 fixes for Diamond City dialogue, including the entrance gate, the preacher, the interview with Piper, and almost all misc. dialogue (greetings etc.) should now be done. Also fixes some errors in the previous alpha. I also restored some (fully voiced) cut content dialogue in Piper's interview, but it only applies if you take the normal (not alternate) start and also tell piper you were frozen. Diamond City is almost done, except for Nick.
  • Version 0.3

    • Adds fixes for DialogueConcord when you meet Preston, all? companion dialogue except Codsworth (X6-88 was a huge chore), some BoS dialogue, and some misc. items
  • Version 0.2

    • Adds fixes for journal entries, quest objectives, some misc. items, and the Publick Occurrences newspaper
  • Version 0.1

    • Initial release, proof of concept with edits to Codsworth's introduction scene (DialogueCodsworthPostWar quest)