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Skyrim Mods: Become High King of Skyrim - Part 1. Back with another Skyrim Saturday mod review extravaganza and today for Skyrim Saturday we are taking a look at become high king of Skyrim this is a mod that I downloaded a long time ago but never used but today I figured you know it's no time like the present so let's get to it so to start. In Skyrim, the High King or Queen typically inherits the throne by birth. The High King or High Queen is a monarch who is typically responsible for governing the province, although in places with High King or Queens the holds, regions, provinces usually have more.

After having so many years to potter around Tamriel, you may be looking for some Skyrim cheats to spice up your adventuring, or just to visit that area of the map you were never able to get to through legitimate means. Fancy turning yourself into a giant towering over Skyrim? Or learning every spell, perk, and skill with a few simple commands? Well if you're a PC player then you're in luck, as we've got all the Skyrim console codes you could need to become the ultimate Dragonborn and keep you occupied until Elder Scrolls 6 arrives. Sadly for console players, there are no Skyrim cheats available to you, but if you visit these Skyrim hidden chest locations then you can at least stock up on some decent loot to help you on your way.

How to use Skyrim console commands

As with many other PC games, entering Skyrim console commands is simply a case of pressing the tilde (~) key to open up the developer console, then typing in the command code in the correct format. You can enter multiple codes to stack up various different effects, then hit tilde once again to return to the game and reap the ill-gotten rewards you've given yourself. Unless otherwise stated, entering the same code a second time should turn it off again.

This may sound obvious, but it's worth reinforcing that using some of these codes (especially in combination with others) can cause glitches, mess up ongoing storylines, or crash your game entirely, so make sure you create a back up save and keep it separate before you start playing around - otherwise you may find you've permanently broken your progress, and nobody wants to deal with that in a game the size of Skyrim. Also, achievements will be disabled as soon as you start entering these codes, so unfortunately you won't be able to cheat your way to completing any challenges.

Player Skyrim console commands

God mode: Full invincibility, infinite stamina and magicka

Become King Of Skyrim

Immortal mode: Similar to God mode, you can take damage but can't be killed

No-clip mode: Walk through walls, fly

Access the character creator to change appearance (this will reset your level and skill progress)

Immediately refills your health

Learn every magic spell

Increase player level by one, though you won't get a perk point

player.setlevel #
Replace # with the level to set your player to

player.setscale #
Replace # with the height for your character, between 0.1 and 10

advskill SkillID #
Replace SkillID with the skill you're modifying and # with the amount you are modifying it by. A list of SkillIDs is here

addshout ShoutID
Replace ShoutID with the shout you want to add. A list of ShoutIDs is here

player.addperk PerkID
Replace PerkID with the perk you want to add. A list of PerkIDs is here

player.additem ItemID #
Replace ItemID with the item you want to add to your inventory, and # with the amount of that item to add. A list of ItemIDs is here

Point at a door or chest then use this code to unlock it

World Skyrim console commands

Turns off all GUI display

tmm #
Toggle map markers, replace # with 0 to disable all or 1 to enable all

Free camera mode, add 1 to pause the game

sucsm #
Replace # to change the speed of the free camera i.e. 0.5 for half speed or 2 for double speed

Remove fog from the world map

Turn off grass

Turn off skybox and fog

Turn off trees

Turn off water (when not underwater)

set timescale to #
Replace # to set the rate time passes at, 1 is realtime and 20 is default

sgtm #
Replace # to set the game speed i.e. 0.5 for half speed or 2 for double speed

fw WeatherID
Replace WeatherID with the type of weather you want to instantly activate. A list of WeatherIDs is here

sw WeatherID
Replace WeatherID with the type of weather you want to gradually activate

Quest Skyrim console commands

Completes all primary quest stages (may cause crashes)

Starts all quests (may cause crashes)

Shows all objectives for ongoing quests

Shows all targets for ongoing quests

Displays the QuestID for all current quests

player.sqs QuestID
Shows all stages for the entered QuestID

movetoqt QuestID
Move to the target of the entered QuestID

completequest QuestID
Completes quest with the entered QuestID

resetquest QuestID
Resets quest with the entered QuestID

NPC Skyrim console commands

Turn off AI detection while stealing, doesn't work for pickpocketing

Turns off non-combat AI for NPCs

Turns off combat AI for NPCs

Become King Of Skyrim

Changes gender of targeted NPC (or yourself if not targeting) Free download swift shader 3.0 32 bit.

Allows you to take control of the targeted NPC

Skyrim High King Mod

Kill the targeted NPC

Kills all non-essential NPCs in the area

Bring a dead targeted NPC back to life, add 1 to keep their current items intact

player.placeatme NPCID
Places the stated NPC next to you. A list of NPCIDs is here

And there you have it, more Skyrim console commands than you can shake a stick at! If you're having trouble with using any of them, or want to investigate even more options, then simply type help in the console command screen and follow the instructions.

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Become High King is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim created by Solarcow.

Have you ever wanted to:

.. have anyone you don't like beheaded? put to jail? enslaved?

.. ask anyone, like maybe say, Farkas or Balgruuf's kids, to go out and patrol Skyrim as part of your elite rangers?

.. order anyone to empty their pockets and give their items to you?

.. have a kick-ass castle complete with it's own mines, hotsprings, soulgem forge, can hold 40+ followers, marketplace, arena, etc.. even a captured Dragon!

.. invite people to live in your castle? That's right! You think Noster the beggar deserves a better life? Ask him to live there! You like that sexy waitress Hroki? Invite her too! Wanna collect NPC's you like into one area? No problem, just invite them to live there!

.. make anyone your follower, not only make them a weak-ass follower, but actually level them up to your level and give them perks? That's right! You can go on adventures with Ulfric, a Greybeard, even boss enemies like Harkon, Ysolda (and turn her into a powerful warrior), anyone you can talk to can be a follower!

.. have your own army that will follow you on command, fight your battles while you sit back and have any NPC's like Lydia, Miraak or even kids join that army?

Become High King Of Skyrim V2 Xbox One

Well if you said yes to any of the above, and even if you didn't, this mod is for you! This mod has so many features you are bound to find at least one of them useful! Heck this mod even has a legendary armor that turns you invisible when you crouch!

How to install: Extract the archive to “…Program FilesSteamsteamappscommonskyrimdata” and activate the mod in menu. Alternatively use Nexus Mod Manager

Report problems with download to

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