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Download Fix-it Utilities Professional. An application that provides users with a wide range of tools that can help them improve the performance of their computers and protect them from threats. Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Professional is not a Microsoft Product. You will need to contact Avanquest for support on their product. Disclaimer: Microsoft does not make recommendations on third party software.

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Developed by Avanquest, Fix-It Utilities Pro is a suite of PC tune-up tools to improve and maintain your computer’s health. Running a full system analysis of your machine takes only minutes, no matter how many problems it may have. Fix-It gives your computer three scores, letting you quickly see specifically where your system needs work. In our tests, it failed to improve our PC’s overall performance, but it boosted the startup speed significantly.

Testing PC system utility software is tricky. Software like Fix-It Utilities Pro is designed to improve PC performance, but it has so many facets that its effectiveness can be difficult to measure. We tested each product on a slow, well-aged PC – precisely the kind of computer these programs are designed to fix. We used PCMark 10 to benchmark the computer’s performance both before and after Fix-It had identified and resolved all the issues.

After multiple rounds of testing Fix-It Utilities Pro, our test PC’s performance decreased by 2.74 percent on average. The software improved graphics-processing performance by 4.44 percent but decreased word- and data-processing performance by 5.21 percent. Web browsing slowed by 0.86 percent, and video chat quality degraded by 1.1 percent. In other words, nearly all facets of performance got worse. Nonetheless, the computer wasn’t noticeably slower overall. In fact, even the best, most helpful programs – Glary Utilities Pro and AVG PC TuneUp – failed to improve our computer’s performance enough for us to notice the difference.

Fix-It Utilities Pro improved our test computer’s overall boot speed by 45.71 percent, which is noticeable. In context, this means your computer could boot and be ready for you to use nearly 50 percent faster than it normally would. Nevertheless, we improved the same computer’s startup speed by 42 percent simply by using the Windows startup manager tool built in to the computer. So if you’re simply looking to make dramatic improvements to your computer’s boot speed, you don’t need this system repair software.

A surprise result from our testing was Fix-It Utilities Pro’s diagnostic consistency, which was perfect. Throughout our multiple-round testing, it never claimed to find additional errors immediately after fixing all of the initial ones. In previous years, this software has had one of the worst diagnostic consistencies measured, so we’re glad to see that the developers have addressed the problem.

The application’s wide selection of PC maintenance and optimization tools is a nice plus. The software can back up and restore your system, recover accidentally deleted files, repair shortcuts and registries, optimize security and privacy, and permanently delete files. But it’s missing a solid-state drive optimizer and a file encryption tool.

Fix-It Utilities Pro is a PC tuneup suite designed to fix and speed up your slow computer, but it actually made our computer slower by nearly 3 percent. It improved bootup speed by over 45 percent, and the diagnostic consistency was perfect, but you'd be better off using the built-in Windows maintenance tools.

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Download Fix-it Utilities here.This program can repair, accelerate and optimize your PC

Fix-it Utilities runs over hundreds of tests on your PC to diagnose any errors. After this, the program automatically corrects these errors. Even on a computer that you immediately do not think is wrong, the program managed to find some and then correct them with ease.

Fix-it Utilities are easy to use. It is built around the principle known as the 'One-step tune-up wizard' that intends to make maintenance of your PC a play. If your computer is ready to stop, then the program can help you to ensure that it does not happen again. Or if you just want to improve the speed of your computer, that may also be done. As an additional feature, Fix-it Utilities also detects and removes some viruses and spyware. However, it should not be seen as an alternative to a real antivirus program. The program is Buy & Download. This means that included in the purchase is one year of free updates as well as license to use on up to five different computers.

All in all, Fix-it Utilities is a good piece of software to be available. The program solves the vast majority of issues. And even though your computer immediately works flawlessly, Fix-it Utilities can definitely find improvements to it.

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