Pen Drive Not Showing Data But Using Space

  1. Pen Drive Not Showing Data But Using Spaces
My 4GB pendrive has 3.75GB of data. When I see in Mycomputer it is showing the used space as 3.75GB. But no files are visible. Even after I have selected the 'View all files and folders' from Tools->Folder Options. I tried to open it from DOS operating system. There also it is not showing any thing. I remember some files and folder names. So, I typed a command CD and I have given the folder name what I remembered. Then it has changed the directory successfully. And has shown all the data in the directory.
By that I was able to recover what I remembered only. But I need the full amount of data.
Please Help me?

Pen Drive Not Showing Data But Using Spaces


May 25, 2015  Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual Note: Data in the drive will be lost. 1.Plug in your pen drive 2.Type diskmgmt.msc in Run box to open Disk Management. 3.Select your drive’s partition. 4.Right click on it and select the option of “Delete Volume” in it. 5.This will delete the memory space allocated and free up the total space. Chrome remote desktop grant extended access. Are you using a Mac or PC? If using a Mac, you must empty your Trash before disconnecting the drive or the files won't be deleted, only the reference to them making it appear they have gone but aren't. If using a PC, I don't know why the space is still showing used, but you can format the drive which will delete everything. In a few seconds, AOMEI Partition Assistant will recover unallocated space on USB drive. If your USB drive is larger than 16GB, you can use the Quick Partition feature to quickly repartition your drive. If you happen to delete one partition unintentionally, you can use the Partition Recovery Wizard to help you get your data back.