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For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'Is there chain link fence in the game?' Wire fence is collection of settlement objects in Fallout 4. Wire fences are mesh fences with wooden post. The set comes with a double gate, made of the same materials. Wire fence is collection of settlement objects in Fallout 4. Wire fences are mesh fences with wooden post. The set comes with a double gate, made of the same materials.

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In need of some helpful tips to make your Fallout 4 settlement building experience that much more rewarding? Just looking to bypass some of the frustrations of Fallout 4 settlement building in your quest to create new Jewels of the Commonwealth? Here’s some Fallout 4 settlement tips and tricks that will enable you to bypass object clipping (and create seamless fences), ignore build limits even on console, and ensure your settlements don’t fall prey to a settlement-destroying bug.

To bypass build limits on consoles, try dropping a lot of weapons on the ground, then picking them up and storing them. You should see your build size drop a tiny amount and can repeat this process as much as you want.

Here’s a video explaining the process:

Don’t want that nasty gap in between your junk fences? If you’re on PC, use these steps to clip one buildable object through another (in this case, junk fence pieces through your junk gate):

  • Enable building mode

  • Place a Junk Gate on a location of your choice

  • Open the ingame console (press ` on your keyboard)

  • Type the command 'TCL' without quotes and hit Enter

  • Now target your Junk Gate and press 'E' so you can move the Junk Gate

  • Hit 'TAB' to cancel the movement of your gate

  • The Junk Gate snaps back to it's original location, but this time it has no collision and you can place any object through it

  • Build a Junk Fence next to the Junk Gate in such a way that the edges clip through each other, leaving no gaps.

  • (IMPORTANT!) After you've finished building, open your console again and type 'TCL' and hit Enter to disable the no-clip

  • Done!

When you build something, you can often “stick it” to something much smaller, such as a fence piece or a small rug, and move the larger item by selecting the smaller item. This will enable you to pick up attached groups of objects by selecting the smallest item, and the game will only use the item collision detection of the smallest item.

For example, using the rug tip , you can force the game’s item collision detection to recognize just a tiny rug, and not whatever you have on top of it:

  • Simply place an item above a rug

  • Select the rug underneath the item

  • Move the item and rug together!

Or you can use a fence piece (note that the fence will need to be on solid ground so placement is key):

As you can see, since all the foundations have snapped to one another, the game recognizes them as linked. So when you link them via the fence piece, you can move all of them with just the fence piece.

You can use this to pull off many incredible feats, most notably the repair of walls at The Castle.

Some Skyrim console commands like “setpos” and “setangle” will also work in Fallout 4 and can be used to clip anything else into place. But you can even repair the Castle walls on a console:

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Fallout 4 chain link fence

To accomplish this if you're not on PC, you can use bridges and stairs to clip through pre-existing walls and terrain. Since bridges and stairs can vary in height or be dipped into the terrain based on the player’s whim, anything attached to them will follow suit (unlike using a fence piece, which must be on solid ground). Make sure you select the bridge or stair when using this technique, and hold “e” on PC (or “x” on PS4, or “a” on Xbox One) to select everything attached to it as well. Here’s an example of the clipping technique in action:

Need to stack foundations atop each other? Attach a Shack Staircase (found in Wood > Floors) to the side of your foundation. You will be able to snap a second foundation neatly right on top of the first foundation.


This is great for forming imposing concrete walls, among other things.

For example, if you’re having trouble snapping walls in place at a ninety-degree angle, placing a Shack Staircase gives them something to snap around instead of just extending outwards into eternity. Best of all, everything stays in place once you delete the staircase!

A word of warning for your settlements.

If you get a “Defend” mission for your settlement (and even if you don’t get one, but just happen to be at your settlement when an attack takes place), make absolutely certain that you kill every single attacker before you leave. If you leave even one attacker alive and then fast travel away, they will destroy absolutely everything , costing you an astronomical amount in repairs.

Additionally, if you arrive and there’s no enemy in sight but your settlers are all shooting at another settler, kill the settler they’re shooting at. Not to be a spoiler monger, but when you loot their body, you may find some unexpected parts that indicate your “settler” wasn’t what they seemed.

Have any awesome settlement tips and tricks to share? Feel free to share your Fallout 4 settlement-building tips and tricks in the comments section below.