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I tried both yours and Chris' suggestions and am still having the same
problem. I don't get it.. the form still works properly when I debug the
application (F5), but I cannot get to its design view. I've looked at the
designer.vb files (which I have not modified) and they both inherit from
Partial Class Form1
Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form
The Icon for 'View Designer' is not available at the top of the Solution
Explorer for Form2.vb nor is it an option when I right click on Form2.vb
(View Designer is an option in both placed for Form1.vb).
'Ken Tucker [MVP]' <Ke**********> wrote in message
If Chris's suggestion does not work close visual studio and open it
from the command promt and reset visual studio's settings.
devenv /resetsettings
'Ryan' wrote:
I have 2 forms, Form1.vb and Form2.vb.
In Solution Explorer, Form2.vb no longer shows a Form icon nor do I have
option to open Form2.vb [design] in the main explorer window where
usually I
have the design view options for any forms.
I don't get it. Why can I not get back to design view for Form2??

Design Form Penjualan

Design Form Penjualan Format

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