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Window 7 is considered to be the best Windows in the world because of its friendly user interface and its admirable graphics; also it is understandable for people to use. Many people want to buy Windows 7 instead of latest editions of Windows 8, 10 because of its convenience. We all know that we need a product key to activate Windows 7 to enjoy and get benefits from its features to the full extent. So, if you are looking to buy Windows 7 Ultimate product key, this article is for you.

Part 1: Where And How to Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key

Windows 7 is part of the Windows NT operating system family. Developed by Microsoft, Windows 7 is identical to Windows Vista. However, it has entirely different graphical views. The layout is also different from earlier versions of Windows. It also works a lot more smoothly.

As we all know that Windows 7 has been in the market for more than six years old. One can say that it's a fully matured operating system. If you prefer Windows 7 interface like many others (or need it for testing and evaluation), you can still find great deals. If you want to buy Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit product key, but you don't know the procedure, check the methods given below and get yourself a product key.

Method 1: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from Microsoft Store

Windows 7 is a widely used OS. You can easily download Windows 7 from the official Microsoft website. However, you need a Windows 7 product key to complete the installation process.

To obtain a legitimate copy of Windows, you must purchase a Windows 7 Ultimate product key from the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, many people cannot buy a Windows product key for some reason.

To install Windows 7, they spend hours searching for product codes on the internet. The good thing is that we are here to help you. In this manual, we will offer product codes for all versions of Windows 7.

What are the prices like at their store?

For the bulk of worth comparisons, I have found that purchasing from an online store to be about 5 to 10 percent cheaper, than inquiring a street merchandiser or the other channels you may commonly encounter.

Method 2: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from Best Buy

Best Buy is a fascinating store for Windows 7 Ultimate product key. It also sells online software for audio, video, games, educational software, antivirus, digital image editing, operating systems, programming and web development. This e-commerce site contains more than three million products for sale and is especially popular with tech geeks.

With Best Buy you can find reasonably priced Windows 7 Ultimate product key. True 500 soft system treadmill review. Open the official site of Best Buy and search for Windows 7 Ultimate product key in the search engine; you'll have quite a lot of results pop up in front of you. Then you have to compare the prices of all the providers and buy the cheapest one.

Method 3: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from Amazon

Amazon is the world's NO.1 e-commerce store in the world where you can buy Windows 7 product key. The best features of this company are affordable prices, fast delivery and an extensive collection of all items in different categories.

For you to buy Window 7 Ultimate product key from Amazon, here are the simple step to take:

Step 1: Launch your browser. Go to amazon site by typing on your browser.

Step 2: Search for Windows 7 Ultimate product key, here you'll have several options to choose from. Select the Windows 7 Ultimate product key and buy it.

Step 3: Here comes the product key.

Note: Many sellers are selling Windows 7 Ultimate product keys on Amazon, you may want to buy the cheapest option. However, before buying, be sure to check the profile of the seller to know if he/she is a trusted seller.

Method 4: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from eBay

eBay is another famous name in online stores where you can buy Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit product key. It is one of the well known online auction and shopping websites in the whole world.

eBay has been at the forefront of online retailing for over 20 years. Thousands of items offer free international shipping; the Windows 7 Ultimate product key is also part of them when you order for it.

Now, to get the Windows 7 Ultimate product key: Open the official site of eBay on with your browser and search for the Windows 7 ultimate product key in the search engine. Now, choose an option from the search results and buy it. Once you have bought it, you will be able to download the key in a file.

Method 5: Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key from OEM Keys

Lastly, here is another excellent way to get the product key for your Windows 7 ultimate. With OEM keys you will get genuine Win 7 ultimate key via email, and within a few minutes, you will be able to activate your OS. OEM is the official seller of Microsoft Windows Product Keys, so, you will not have to worry about the authenticity. The procedure to buy Windows 7 Ultimate is quite simple. Just search Windows 7 Ultimate in the search bar and click the search result to open the details. Once, you make the payment, you will get your product key.


Part 2: Get Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key with PassFab Product Key Recovery

You need a product key to activate the Windows 7 or any other version of Windows. Windows 7 is considered to be the best of all because of its maturity and convenience. Now, if you are someone who wants to find out forgotten Windows 7 Ultimate product key, PassFab Product Key Recovery is an excellent option for you. With this professional software, you can recover your Windows, Office and other program product keys in case you have lost it. If you need to install the Windows 7 operating system, but you still can't find your Windows 7 product key, even with a product key finder, don't hesitate to use this tool to solve your problems in a fraction of seconds.

Amazing Features of PassFab Product Key Recovery Software

PassFab Product Key Recovery is a robust program that you can download and install on your computer. It not only shows your Windows license key but also a detailed profile of your installed software. It is undeniably easy to use, with a guarantee of 100% and safe recovery.

The product key of the Windows is stored in the register in an encrypted format that cannot be read by people. PassFab Product Key Recovery can read that encrypted key and decrypt it as well. The big advantage is that you can even restore a key on a computer that does not start up anymore.

How to recover your lost Windows 7 Ultimate product key by PassFab Product Key Recovery

Follow the steps given below to restore your Windows 7 Ultimate product key easily and quickly:

Step 1: Download and Install the program on a computer.

Step 2: Run the program. Click on 'Get key'. This product key finder will automatically extract your full product name/license code/product ID and your users.

Step 3: Click on 'Save' to save the product key information you have just received.

Step 4. Open the saved file to view your product key. You can then use your recovered product key to activate Windows 7 computer.


In this article, we have explained different methods that you can use to buy Window 7 Ultimate product key. We also highly recommend PassFab Product Key Recovery software to find Windows 7 product key because it's 100% safe and comes with many other useful features as explained earlier. Morreover, if you are someone who has lost Windows product key, do not worry, you do not have to buy a new Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit product key, PassFab Product Key Recovery can recover it for you in a matter of minutes. So, try PassFab Product Key Recovery program, and I am sure you will be satisfied with the results.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key 32/64bit

Buy windows 7 ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key is a popular software created by Microsoft. It is one of the most recognized and used operating system software among all computer users. Windows 7 has different editions, in which Windows 7 Ultimate is part. Other editions are Windows 7 Home, home premium, Starter, Professional etc. Window 7 Ultimate is the focus of this article. Therefore, in other to activate all the features of Windows 7 Ultimate, you need Windows 7 Ultimate product key. It has many tools and features in it.

Features of Windows 7 Ultimate

Out of the numerous features in Windows 7 Ultimate, here are some of them listed below. They are programmed to work together for the excellent and great output it offers users. A larger percentage of those that have used Windows 7 Ultimate testified that this edition of Windows 7 is a great and amazing edition to work with. It gives out the particular result you need and even in a better way than you expect.

  • Aero themes & Aero Background
  • Home media streaming
  • Internet to digital TV
  • Jump lists
  • Location-aware point
  • Aero Snap
  • VPN reconnect
  • Windows Touch
  • Windows XP
  • Branch cache
  • The scope of Enterprise search
  • VHD boot
  • Aero Shake
  • BitLocker
  • HomeGroup
  • Internet Explorer
  • Previews of Live Thumbnail
  • Media streaming remotely
  • View available Network
  • Libraries and Search option on the windows
  • Windows Troubleshooting
  • Applocker
  • Direct Access
  • Problem step recorder
  • Windows Powershell

How to Activate Windows 7 Ultimate For Free

The steps required in activating Windows 7 Ultimate need the provision of valid keys for the Windows 7 software. Actually, a trial version of Windows 7 Ultimate which is free was launched by Microsoft to last for 30 days. But immediately after 30 days of this trial version, the product will still be required to be activated. Therefore, getting the serial keys for this product key is essential. This grants Windows 7 users opportunity of getting a complete premium feature of this software. The best way of activating this Windows is actually by buying the software directly from Microsoft. But there are several other means which can be used to activate for free.

The steps to take in activating Windows 7 are:

  1. Look for the Windows button on your laptop or computer device
  2. Right click on the computer option and choose properties from those that pop up
  3. The system window then will bring options for you to activate your windows
  4. Then click on this option and make sure your internet connection is on
  5. A space to fill in 25 character keys will pop up, then wait for it to be confirmed as a valid key

The 25 character code for the required product key can be found for free on different sites online. Just make sure the key is valid. And sometimes, key finder software can be used to generate the product key for free.

How to Activate Windows 7 Using Product Key

The process of activating windows 7 is not difficult. You can either activate Windows 7 with the use of product key or not. The steps below explain how it can be activated with the use of product key. The major task you need to put into consideration is the sourcing for the product key on the right channel. The following steps will direct you on how to achieve it.

  1. Open the Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. Go to option, My Computer, which is an icon on the desktop [Right Click on it]
  3. Options of several functions will come up, pick the activate Windows
  4. The product key with you should be inserted to this option, then click on the validate option
  5. Wait for some minutes, the activating process will need the product key to be verified and affirmed as genuine
  6. It is complete after the verification. Start using the Windows 7 Ultimate with no problem

Should I buy Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key?

Sometimes, it is necessary to have full knowledge about what you want to use. Therefore, the question of whether to buy Windows 7 Ultimate product key is common among users these days. The first thing a user must know is that the working keys are needed in other to make Windows 7 active. Purchasing the keys is advisable to be bought directly from Microsoft.

Buy Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade

Users sometimes prefer buying these keys somewhere else. And most do not even want to buy. They prefer to get them for free. This prompts them to search different sites while surfing the internet. Unfortunately, there is numerous website that provides take product keys. Even with all these, buying Windows 7 Ultimate product key is important. You need it to enjoy all the features of Windows 7 Ultimate version. With the numerous fake product keys online, you only need to search the websites that are genuine.

How to Get Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit/ 64 Bit?

The validation of Windows 7 Ultimate is important. Therefore, activating it completely requires you to have the necessary licensed keys. With the licensed and genuine keys, Windows 7 Ultimate can be installed genuinely. Their keys are of 25 characters and the characters are a mixture of numbers and alphabets. These codes are generated by Microsoft and they are not free. But if you are looking for a free generated key, there are many ways of doing that.

  • Firstly, you can use a key finder software. The only requirement is for you to install the keyFinder on your device. There is much software online that perform this function of generating keys. Therefore, choose wisely before installing any.
  • Some sites online also list some keys on their site. Just make sure they are not fake.

Where can I find the Windows 7 Ultimate Serial Keys for Activation of Windows?

There are diverse ways and they are listed beneath:

  • It can be purchased directly from Microsoft Company
  • A refurbished computer can be bought and the problem of installing and activating the Windows 7 product key won’t be needed again
  • The Internet can be searched for serial keys. Make sure you click on the right link
  • Use a software serial key generator to activate the Windows 7 Ultimate.

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