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Tulo is backed by Mattress Firm and is manufactured in the United States with CertiPUR-US certified foams, which means that they won't offgas nasty toxins. Reviewers claim that their foams are high quality for the price of the mattress.
Considering a Tulo mattress but don't know what else is out there? Take a look at our list of top rated mattresses, specifically our list of top rated mattresses for the money may be helpful on your search.

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Quality of Materials

Her first choice is the True 540 HRC because it has a roomy running surface and attached heart rate monitor. The company’s machines also have a solid reputation. You can adjust the platform’s hardness and modify its preset workouts for speed and elevations.” Customer Review – True 550 HRC. I have had a True for over two years.

They make 2 different designs -- the Tulo Liv Mattress and the Tulo Comfort Series that they are most popular for. The biggest difference between these mattress designs is that the comfort series has 3 different firmness options, while the Tulo Liv mattress only comes in a medium-firm design.

Here is what's inside the lower priced Tulo Liv Mattress:

Layer 1: The cover offers a beathable fabric blend that keeps things comfortable.

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Layer 2: The top layer is a 1.5' layer of open-cell LumaGel™ infused foam that diffuses heat away from the body while relieving pressure.

True 500 Soft Review

Layer 3: 2.5' of support foam provides responsive support, while not aggravating pressure points.

Layer 4: This 5' layer of base foam provides the mattress structure and deeper spinal support.

Now, we'll go into detail about the Tulo Comfort Series:

Layer 1: The cover is a polyester and Tencel blend that keeps things cool and whicks moisture away on the top layer.

Layer 2: 2' of high density cool flow ventilated foam that is infused with titanium particals makes this layer diffuse heat away from the top layer.

Layer 3: 1.5' of responsive foam that is firmer and has an egg-crate design for extra ventilation and compression.

Layer 4: This 1.5' layer is a transitional foam layer that is reinforced and firmer to relieve pressure points while provding support.

Layer 5: 5' of base foam gives deep support and structure to the mattress.

True 500 Soft Review Video

Overall Comfort

Customers report that Tulo's Comfort Series is the more comfortable mattresses versus the Tulo Liv. The Tulo Liv is a good option for a temporary or guest bedroom, but was firmer than expected for some sleepers. For the Comfort Series, customers and reviewers describe these mattresses as comfortable, but some had issues figuring out which firmness to choose. If this is you, check out our guides by sleeping position that shows what's best for your body type: back, side, or stomach.


Check out the scale above. The medium Comfort Series is the most common and popular Tulo option and is slightly more firm than medium. If you are larger, it may feel softer to you.


In the Comfort Series, the Titanium infused foam, ventilation, and Tencel cover help these mattresses sleep cool for most folks. The Liv version's gel top layer will also diffuse some heat. However, if you sleep extremely warmly, you still may experience some heat retention.

True 500 Soft System Treadmill Review

Who Are Tulo Mattresses Right For?

True 500 Soft System

Tulo is a fine cost conscious option for those looking for multiple firmness options. There are some reviewers that mention that it pays off in terms of quality to buy from the Comfort Series line.