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My operating system is Windows 7 32bit. I installed RedMon1.7, Ghostscript 8.71 and GSview 4.9; installations were successful.I went to Add New Local Printer in Windows Devices and Printers, clicked on Create A New Port, and selected Redirected Port from the Type of Port list. Clicked Next and in the Add New Port window I named RPT1: and clicked OK but it says Specified port cannot be added. Operation could not be completed (error 0x00000001)

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I tried giving different names to the port, RPT2:, RPT4:, VPport: etc but all gave same result. Disabled Windows Firewall and tried but it continues to give same error, Disabled the Antivirus (Avira) but no change.

What can be preventing windows 7 from adding redirected port?

BTW I was following instructions in this tutorial in order to create a postscript printer.

Appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks

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Run cmd.exe as Administrator and then run:

from the elevated cmd.


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Go to your Start Menu,Type Print,Right-Click 'Print Management',Select 'Run as administrator',

In Print Management; Expand 'Print Servers' and Select 'Ports'.

Right-Click in the 'Ports' pane (on the right hand side) and Select 'Add Port..'.

I'd also recommend configuring a Port from Print Management, as opposed to trying to do it in a Printers Properties. ;)


Adam Reed describes a workaround in his blog: very comfortable, but works for me ..

EDIT: This link appears broken, but here's the content:

The gist is that under Win7, you need to run explorer with elevated rights. This can be done using another browser, or, as mentioned in the comments on the original post:

  1. Open a CMD window by right clicking and running as administrator
  2. Kill the process explorer.exe from the task manager
  3. Run explorer.exe from the command prompt window, now as an administrator.

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Be very careful when running explorer as an administrator.


You need to enable Admin mode OR log with the Admin account!

This is cause by the new Vista/Win 7 security system.


Try reseting the firewall (Windows 7)(be warned tho, the firewall will reset to the default setting)*go to Control Panel*go to Windows Firewall*on the left choice pick 'Restore Defaults'

Saints row 4 hack 28. It works for me, i hope it works for you.

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F3lix's rundll32 method works but after you've created the port you most probably would need to configure its settings. Elsewhere in the net there are instructions to open Port management as Administrator, but in Windows 7 Home that seems to be very much impossible. One can only view the virtual port settings. The only workaround I found is to edit registry directly with the Registry editor at

(Replace your port name in the end.)


It seams to be tricky. In my case it only works, after creating an new User account with the name 'admin' / group ' Administratoren' (de).Before with my real Nickname User 'Nick.' / group 'Administratoren' (de) it dosent work´.Takes several hours to discover ..

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Accepted solution did not work for me..I found an other command line that worked well (I'm on windows 10):

It opens the print management in administrator mode, and I was able to create the port with no problems.


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