Halo Wars 2 Build Order

  1. Halo Wars 2 Atriox Build Order
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Main Objectives: Secure the area and build a base, assault Decimus's base and defeat him.

Halo Wars 2 Build OrderHalo Wars 2 Build Order

Date: 2/7/09 2:27 p.m. Macromanagement, or macro, is the act of spending resources on buildings, units, and upgrades. Macro also involves the management of your population and tech level.

Optional objectives:

  • Destroy Banished warehouses (11).
  • Take over 4 Energy Extractors.
  • Establish a second base.


Halo Wars 2 Atriox Build Order

  • Use Hellbringers to kill hostile infantry (15).
  • Use repair Drones (5 times, your commander's special ability).
  • Use Hellbringers to destroy hostile buildings (20).
  • Use the special grenade ability (Marines, 10 times).

Now this is the real deal. You will start with a squad that consists of Marines (your basic infantry) and a hero - Jerome-092. He is a Spartan and has more health points, better attack value and a shield that can regenerate itself. Make him take the majority of damage to extend the lifespan of your Marines. If you are careful enough, you will not lose your squad. Destroy the facility and you will gain control of Hellbringers. Send them against the covered enemies immediately. You will get reinforcements, and the artillery will help you during the next assault. Approach the control panel of the bridge and activate it.

Once you reach the other side, head to the upper part of the map. You will come across a warehouse and more enemies to kill. Destroy it with your Hellbringers and collect the resources. Now, assault the enemy located south from the bridge. More reinforcements will appear - the Warthogs - vehicles that are very effective against hostile infantry. Furthermore, your commander will gain an ability point. You can use it to call repair drones and fix/heal your units. Before you cross the river, destroy hostile warehouses and buildings by the lower edge. Gather additional resources and you will get closer to unlock the bonus with your Hellbringers.

Cross the river and place your infantry in a defensive position. This way your troops will survive longer and it will be easier to destroy the hostile base. During the battle, the Banished will send some reinforcements but that won't be enough to beat you. Destroy the base and build your own. Remember! Make sure that you don't position your troops to close to your base. As soon as you start building additional upgrades, Decimus will order to fire at your facility. Fortunately, this will happen only once. Build as many troops as possible and raise 4 turrets. This way you won't have to leave any units in your basses. Start cleaning the area around your base by destroying warehouses and taking over energy resources. If you go north, you will come across an open space where an additional base can be built. Do it, and proceed towards Decimus's base.

Halo Wars 2 Build Order Map

Destroy the generator and make way for your vehicles.

On your way, you will come across a barrier that cannot be crossed by your vehicles. Fortunately, your infantry can destroy the generator located right behind the barrier, and thus pave the way for your Warthogs. Move on and you will reach the main Banished base. Destroy it and Decimus himself will appear. It will take some time to defeat him. Every once in a while, hostile reinforcements will appear. When he loses enough health points, we will become indestructible for a moment and will order an orbital strike at his position. Quickly leave the attack area and as soon as the strike is over, continue the assault.

If you enjoyed the original then the sequel is a must. Quality campaign, and the game-play feels like the original. Anyone looking for moreIf you enjoyed the original then the sequel is a must. Quality campaign, and the game-play feels like the original. Anyone looking for more Halo Wars this is it.
One of the best sequels I've played to any game in awhile. It adds to the original without breaking away from its roots to much. Blitz mode is addictive and everything in the game seems to play around your Blitz mode decks, as you build up XP to earn packs to level up your cards.