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Nonton Film Bread, Love and Dreams (2010) Subtitle Indonesia

DrakorDownload film Bread, Love and Dreams (2010)
Rating :
Released : 09 Jun 2010
Category : drama, family, korea, romance
Trailer : Bread, Love and Dreams
Duration : 90 min
Director : Jung-seob Lee
Staring : Il-hwa Choi, Ja Hye Choi, Yoon-young Choi, Mi-seon Hwang
Tag : 2010, Il-hwa Choi, Ja Hye Choi, Mi-seon Hwang, Yoon-young Choi
DrakorSynopsys : Bread, Love and Dreams - 'Bread, Love and Dreams' covers the life of Kim Tak-Gu from the 1970's until the late 1980's as he becomes one of the most successful bakers in all of Korea. The president of Geosung baking company Koo Il-joong (Jeon Kwang-Leol) loved Kim Mi-soon (Jeon Mi-Seon), but Koo Il-joong's mother was against their relationship. Because of this, and as a marriage of convenience, Koo Il-Joong instead married Suh In-sook (Jeon In-Hwa). They had two daughters, Ja-kyung and Ja-rim, but no sons. Sometime later, Il-joong has an extra-marital affair with his true love Mi-Soon and they conceive a son, who will later be named Tak-gu. Meanwhile, In-sook is afraid that Tak-gu may one day become the heir to the Geosung baking company, In-Sook then seduces the company's Chief Secretary Han Seung-jae (Jeong Seong-Mo) and they conceive a son who will later be named Ma-joon (Ju Won). Years later, on a rainy evening, Koo Il-joong's mother overhears a conversation between Han Seung-Jae and In-sook. She collapses and dies. During this time In-sook loses her bracelet and her son Ma-joon is there to retrieve it. Ma-Joon now knows who his real father is. Meanwhile to protect Kim Mi-Soon and Tak-gu, Koo Il-Joong orders a man named Jin-Goo (Park Seong-Woong) to kidnap them. Seo In-Suk and Han Seung-Jae attempts to kill Tak-gu, but he is fortunate enough to escape. Tak-gu then meets his lifelong mentor Pal-Bong (Jang Hang-Seon) , who runs Palbong Bakery. Tak-gu first met Yoo-kyung (Yu Jin) when they were children. She lived through a difficult childhood, with an abusive father and having little money. Yoo-kyung learned to smile for the first time when they met, but when Tak-gu goes to Koo Il-joong's house as the first son they separated. 12 years later they meet again and their love is rekindled. Nevertheless, Yoo-kyung now believes that love is nothing when compared to money and power and because of this she leaves Tak-gu to marry Ma-joon instead.
Bread, Love and Dreams
Also known asKing of Baking, Kim Tak-goo
The Baker King
Slice of life story
Written byKang Eun-kyung
Directed byLee Jung-sub
StarringYoon Shi-yoon
Joo Won
Lee Young-ah
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes30
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)Samhwa Networks
DistributorKorean Broadcasting System
Original networkKBS2
Original release9 June –
16 September 2010
Related showsBaker King
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Korean name
제빵왕 김탁구
Revised RomanizationJeppangwang Gim Takgu
McCune–ReischauerCheppangwang Kim T'akku

Bread, Love and Dreams (Korean: 제빵왕 김탁구; Hanja: 製빵王 金卓求; RR: Jeppangwang Gim Takgu; MR: Cheppangwang Kim jT'akku; lit. King of Baking, Kim Tak-goo) is a 2010 South Korean television drama starring Yoon Shi-yoon, Eugene, Joo Won and Lee Young-ah. It tells the story of how a determined young baker overcomes many trials towards his goal of becoming the best baker in Korea. This story takes place in the 1970s to 1990s, starting after his conception and finishing when he reaches his mid-20s. The series aired on KBS2 from June 9 to September 16, 2010 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 22:00 for 30 episodes.

The series was one of the most watched shows in South Korea in 2010, with a final episode viewership rating of 50.9% and becoming the 25th highest rated drama of all time. It is considered the breakout role of lead actor Yoon Shi-yoon catapulting him to immense popularity as well as receiving much praise for his sincere acting.[1][2]

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  • 5Reception


Kim Takgu is the eldest son of Gu Il Jong, the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise, and Kim Misun, his mistress. The Chairman's wife, Insok, is furious with her husband and shuns Takgu. When his mother is kidnapped, Takgu runs away from home and spends the next 12 years looking for her.In his journey, he enters a baking school owned by Pal Bong who is a legend in the baking industry. Coincidentally, he was also Takgu's father's teacher.In said school, Takgu also finds Jo Jingu, the man who kidnapped his mother. Jo Jingu tells Takgu that she accidentally fell off a cliff.Takgu decides to stay at the bakery and learn the art of making bread, like his father did before him. Majun, Takgu's half-brother, is also at the school, hoping to learn about baking to win his father's approval and take over the family business. He lives under an assumed name and never reveals his true identity. Majun still nurses a hatred for Takgu from their childhood.It is later revealed that Takgu's mom is not dead and that she is looking for him. The Chairman, who also spent the past 14 years looking for Takgu, eventually finds out that he is at the bakery and is furious at Majun for not telling him. The Chairman wants Takgu, his eldest son, to take over the family business instead of Majun. Rejected, Majun plots to steal Takgu's childhood friend, Shin Yukyeong, and embarrass his family in the process. Takgu eventually finds his mother, but Insok and her lover( the Chairman's assistant), Han, plot to rob Takgu of his inheritance to let Majun take the Chairman's position. When the Chairman finds out, Han attempts to murder Takgu, but Takgu is saved by Jo Jingu. Meanwhile, Majun's plan to embarrass his family works, but it doesn't give him the satisfaction he expects. He reaches a truce with Takgu and the two agree to let their older sister, Gu Jakyung, run the company. The show ends with Takgu continuing to work at the bakery with his girlfriend, Yang Misun, while Majun decides to travel around the world with his new bride, Shin Yukyeong. Manager Han is imprisoned and the Chairman is happy that at last, his loved ones found happiness.



  • Yoon Shi-yoon as Kim Tak-goo
  • Oh Jae-moo as young Kim Tak-goo
  • Eugene as Shin Yoo-kyung
  • Jo Jung-eun as young Shin Yoo-kyung
  • Joo Won as Gu Ma-joon/Seo Tae-jo
  • Shin Dong-woo as young Gu Ma-joon
  • Lee Young-ah as Yang Mi-sun


Gu family
  • Jun Kwang-ryul as Gu Il-jong
  • Jeon In-hwa as Seo In-sook
  • Choi Ja-hye as Gu Ja-kyung
  • Ha Seung-ri as teenage Gu Ja-kyung
  • Kang Ye-seo as young Gu Ja-Kyung
  • Choi Yoon-young as Gu Ja-rim
  • Kim So-hyun as young Gu Ja-rim
Yang family
  • Jang Hang-sun as Pal-bong (Yang Mi-sun's grandfather)
  • Park Sang-myun as Yang In-mok (Yang Mi-sun's father)
  • Hwang Mi-sun as Oh Young-ja (Yang Mi-sun's mother)
  • Jung Sung-mo as Han Seung-jae
  • Park Sung-woong as Jo Jin-goo
  • Lee Han-wi as Heo Gab-soo
  • Jeon Mi-seon as Kim Mi-sun
  • Jung Hye-sun as Madam Hong (Grandmother)
  • Kwon Yong-woon as Shin Bae (Yoo-kyung's father)
  • Park Yong-jin as Go Jae-bok


  1. At The End of The Day (하루의 끝에) – V.O.S
  2. Love You to Death (죽도록 사랑해) – KCM feat. Soul Drive
  3. That Person (그 사람) – Lee Seung-chul
  4. Only One (단 한사람) – Bada
  5. Hope is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep (희망은 잠들지 않는 꿈) – Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
  6. For Me (나를 위해) – Michelle Yoo-jin
  7. Only You (너 하나만) – Yoon Shi-yoon
  8. It Was Love (사랑이야) – Lee Young-ah
  9. My Love (내사랑) – Joo Won
  10. Now Go and See (지금 만나러 간다) – Code V


Download Drakor Bread Love And Dream Sub Indo Free

2010 3rdKorea Drama Awards

  • Best New Actor (Yoon Shi-yoon)
  • Best Director in a Serial Drama (Lee Jung-sub)
  • Best Writer in a Serial Drama (Kang Eun-kyung)

2010 18th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards

  • Popularity Award, Actor (Yoon Shi-yoon)
  • Top Excellence Award, Actress (Jeon In-hwa)
  • Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Production Drama (Yoon Shi-yoon)
  • Excellence Award, Actress in a Special Production Drama (Eugene)
  • Best Writer (Kang Eun-kyung)
  • Best Young Actor (Oh Jae-moo)
  • Best Couple Award (Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Young-ah)

2011 47thBaeksang Arts Awards

  • Best TV Director (Lee Jung-sub)


The show was well received in South Korea, receiving a record viewer rating of 50.8%.[3] Audiences were attached to the show because of its underdog vs. society theme.[4]Naver listed it as the most searched for item in South Korea of 2010.[5]


On December 20, 2010, the series received presidential honors in a ceremony that thanked cultural content producers for their achievements.[6]


Episode #Original broadcast dateAverage audience share
TNmS Ratings[7]AGB Nielsen[8]
NationwideSeoul National Capital AreaNationwideSeoul National Capital Area
19 June 201016.3%14.2%13.8%N/A
210 June 201016.9%18.4%14.4%14.5%
316 June 201028.5%29.1%26.4%28.3%
417 June 201025.3%26.4%24.2%26.3%
523 June 201028.5%28.6%27.1%28.4%
624 June 201032.2%32.5%31.1%31.8%
730 June 201033.4%33.6%31.0%32.2%
81 July 201035.8%35.9%31.6%30.8%
97 July 201038.1%38.6%33.4%34.7%
108 July 201034.5%34.9%33.0%33.8%
1114 July 201035.9%35.2%34.1%34.0%
1215 July 201036.9%36.1%35.3%35.2%
1321 July 201038.5%37.7%37.3%37.0%
1422 July 201038.4%36.5%37.9%38.2%
1528 July 201039.7%39.2%36.6%35.7%
1629 July 201039.9%38.6%37.9%38.1%
174 August 201042.5%42.3%39.5%39.8%
185 August 201044.4%44.0%40.5%40.2%
1911 August 201044.9%44.0%42.3%42.4%
2012 August 201044.6%43.8%42.6%43.9%
2118 August 201044.0%42.6%41.9%42.4%
2219 August 201043.7%42.9%42.3%41.9%
2325 August 201044.1%44.1%43.6%44.6%
2426 August 201044.7%44.2%41.9%41.9%
251 September 201045.8%44.9%44.0%44.4%
262 September 201048.4%47.2%45.0%46.1%
278 September 201047.5%47.0%43.3%43.2%
289 September 201048.2%46.4%44.7%44.5%
2915 September 201046.5%45.5%45.3%44.2%
3016 September 201050.8%49.7%49.3%48.3%

It aired on GMA Network from January 3 to April 29, 2011, on weeknights at 10:00 PM PST.[9] It was moved to the 9:15 PM timeslot due to its high ratings but later moved back to its original slot to give way to the local shows. Each episode runs 45 minutes including commercial breaks. The entire series was dubbed in Filipino.

(10:00 PM PST / 9:15 PM PST)
10.7% (10:00 PM PST)
18.9% (10:00 PM PST)
21.1% (9:15 PM PST)

International broadcast[edit]

On September 2, 2010 it was announced that the rights to broadcast the series had been sold to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Cambodia.[13] The drama first aired in Japan on cable channel DATV beginning on December 12, 2010.[14] The series began re-airing in Japan on July 14, 2011 on terrestrial network Fuji TV; lead actor Yoon Shi-yoon flew there on July 22 to participate in several promotional events for the drama's release.[15] This was followed by re-airing on Japanese Hallyu channel KNTV from April 11 to July 24, 2013.[16]

In the Philippines, the drama aired dubbed into Tagalog under the title The Baker King on the GMA Network beginning January 3, 2011. For most of its run, it was the highest rated and most watched show in the country.[17]

The show is also available online in the United States on Hulu.[18]

In Thailand, the drama aired dubbed into Thai under the title คิมทัคกู ยอดชายนายขนมปัง (Kim Takgu Yod Chai Nai Khanom Pank; literally Kim Takgu, Super Mr.Bakery) on the 3SD beginning October 9, 2014.[19]In India it is also broadcast in Hindi on Zee5



A Philippine remake premiered on TV5 on May 18, 2015 titled Baker King starring Mark Neumann in the title role.[20]

There is also a Turkish remake of this drama series as Aşk Ekmek Hayaller (English title: Love, Bread, Dreams) broadcast on Show TV on December 8, 2013 to February 27, 2014.[citation needed]


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