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After the first interstellar journey that you take, your radar will receive a signal from Atlas, which takes you to the monolith. This signal will not be received by those of the players who decided to turn down the help from Atlas. but you can still return there - simply put, this will take more time. To learn more about the return to the path of Atlas, see the last part of this chapter. Just like in the case of other 'storyline' locations, you do not have to scan the space to have this marker appear on the radar.

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Nms Wiki Atlas Stone

This monolith will not require you to solve any puzzles

Atlas Stone No Man's Sky Walkthrough

After you have arrived by the monolith that Atlas directed you to, you only have to interact with it and 'trust the promise'. At the same time, it is also a good idea to take some time to use all of the knowledge stones surrounding the monolith, thanks to which you learn several new foreign words. After you have visited the monolith, return to the ship and fly away. Of course, it is a good idea to obtain some elements on the planet, etc.

No Man's Sky: Atlas Path Anomalies, Atlas Interfaces, Stones, and Black Holes Atlas Interfaces provide Atlas Stones and direct you toward Anomalies, where you can gain upgrades and learn the location of new interfaces. Aug 27, 2017 - Hi,I am back to game after a year and still have some Atlas Stones in my invent. Should I sell them or is there any other use for them now? I got my 10th Atlas stone, arrived in a Atlas interface, but it didn't give me the option to create a new star and send me back to the galaxy. What went wrong? What's gonna happen now regarding the Atlas? No Man's Sky. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews.

The next step to take is to return to the orbit. There, you will learn that you should access the galaxy map where there is a new blue tab (at the top of the screen). This is the Atlas path, which takes you to the center of the galaxy, along the 'storyline' path. Although they are easy to miss, in No Man's Sky there also are storyline missions that will set you on the right path, as long as you accept help from Atlas.

No Mans Sky Atlas Stone

Follow the blue path and soon you will reach your destination - the Atlas Interface. This is a space station that resembles a monolith. However, what it hides inside is different from what is in the rest of the stations that you have so far visited. After you reach the system that the station is located in, dock in the station and head towards the familiar shape.

Right in front of Atlas (that seems to have grown a little) you will notice a terminal that you should use to talk to the being. Again, accept help which provides you with access to another interface, as well as several other interesting things. Before you walk away from the terminal, note the two spherical artifacts nearby. Use them to receive two additional warp cells, which will make traveling much easier. This is only one of the many facilitations that you receive from your cooperation with Atlas.

This is not all, yet. As long as you are in the station, it is also a good idea to take a closer look at the semi-spherical lights in the floor. Often, after you approach them, you can learn several new foreign words. After they have been used, the lights go out and they do not serve any other purpose. After you have explored the station, board your ship and fly away.

After you have left the station, access the galaxy map again and you will see the continuation of the path of Atlas, towards the next interface. What is even more, from now on, you can find a Space Anomaly among stars, from which you can benefit. I managed to find one after the very first jump, after I left the Atlas Interface. Other players say that it took them more than ten. It all depends on luck and (presumably, although this has not yet been confirmed) several hidden conditions that you have to meet- such as locating of monoliths. Of course, you do not have to (and you even shouldn't) haste too much while taking the jumps across galaxy in search of Anomalies. Otherwise, you may simply run out of Hyper-drive fuel. Do not forget to explore, earn units, discover new technologies and replace your ship with a new one.

When you finally get lucky after you leave hyperspace (which is traveling between systems), you can find an unique space station marked with a violet icon. What this is, is a Space Anomaly. Just like in the case of Atlas Interface, anomalies are unique stations that play vital role during your journeys. I have already mentioned that players who rejected Atlas's help may sooner or later change their minds about that. You can do that thanks to Anomalies. Secondly, you obtain here a key that will make the game easier and will save a lot of your time.

Corel draw x8 keygen only. After you dock in, make it over to the only room in the station. Here, you find two key characters: monk Nada and a Gek Polo. Talk to the monk first.

In Nada's dialogue window, there are three options: return to the path of Atlas, a shortcut to the center of the galaxy and help in exploration. Returning to the path of Atlas is the only opportunity to use it, for players who left the path. The shortcut into the center of the galaxy will make it easier for you to locate the black hole, thanks to which you will reach your destination much faster. The last option, i.e. help in exploration, will increase your health.

Each time you reach another interface you will need to meet one of the requirements in order to acquire Atlas' guidance - the appropriate level, represented by your milestones. You are interested in the single milestone which is the summary of all of the rest and can be found at the bottom of the list in the 'Travel' tab. If you haven't reached the required milestone, you should stay in the same system where the interface can be found, do activities mentioned on the list and get back to the interface when you've reached the required level. Different types of milestones will also be required during conversations with Palo in Cosmic Anomalies.

Reaching the last Atlas' Interface is not the end of your journey, although you are getting closer. During your visits at the interfaces you will get a single Atlas Stone - remember to not sell those stones. You will acquire 10 of those stones and at the last interface you will learn what you can do with them. By agreeing with Atlas' guidance for the last time, you will be able to create a new star at the edge of the galaxy, coupled with the whole system of planets. A new traveler will soon land on one of those planets to start his own adventure.

The Atlas' path ends here, but in return you will be given the coordinates of a nearest Black Hole. Flying into it will transport you millions of light years into the center of the galaxy, shortening the route towards the galaxy core. The path to the Black Hole will be marked with a blue line, similarly to the rest of Atlas' path. What is more, from this moment onwards you will learn about the locations of all of the other Black Holes on your way. After going through the first Black Hole marked by Atlas you will be on your own - further path towards the galaxy core must be done with your own strength.