Downgrade Vista To Xp

  1. Downgrade Windows Vista To Xp
Hi, I sure could use some advice here. I'm an old desktop guy who's been building boxes since the 8088 days. The thing is, I haven't done any substantial laptop work in several years.
The problem is when I attempt to downgrade from Vista to XP Home on my friend's wife's new Sony Vaio. I don't have the model number handy but it has the C2D T5450 1.66 Ghz. CPU and the system shows a 160 GB hard drive. There's also a 'memory stick' drive that comes up but I'm guessing that's the SD card reader.(?)
Anyway, I can't find any way to install XP on this system or even reformat the hard drive. When I try to run 'setup' from the XP CD with Vista booted, 'Setup Windows XP' is greyed out on the menu. When I make the CD bootable and try to install it that way, it goes through the motions of copying the files then tells me that installation can't continue because it can't find a hard drive installed on the system!(?) I can't even find a way to access anythig resembling a CMOS on this thing. This is not nearly as straightforward as the same task on a desktop.
I'm hoping someone around here with a lot more notebook knowledge than I could give me a hand. I'm totally at a loss here. I'm sure this is some 'notebook newb' issue for my part, but I'd be forever grateful for any advice I could get here.
Upgrade xp to vista

Downgrade Windows Vista To Xp

If you previously Upgraded from Windows Xp to Windows Vista and you have Windows.old folder, you can use it to downgrade back to Windows Xp in four Steps: Step 1-Determine if you have free space on you system partition (you will need approximately your windows.old size) then use Windows Vista installation disk, start a new installation and go to. P90x3 nutrition plan pdf.

What's a operating system upgrade?

We can say that we do an upgrade when we install an improved version of the same operating system
( lets say I have installed Windows Xp Home and I want to have Windows Xp Professional or we install a new
operating system superior to the one we have. For example: We have Windows XP Home and we want to
switch to Windows Vista Home ).

Note: For more information regarding your product key, license terms and upgrade types you are entitled to
contact Microsoft and request help.

The purpose of this article is to show you how an upgrade/downgrade procedure works and the various
upgrade options you have at your disposal , using a Windows cd/dvd RTM disc. The articles are made using a
windows 32 bit cd /dvd disc. The 64 bit upgrades are approximately the same.

Note: Don’t mix up the 32 bit with the 64 bit versions. It’s not possible to upgrade from a 32 bit to a 64 bit.
It’s only possible from 32 to 32 bit and 64 to 64 bit. (You can change your operating system from 32 bit to
64 bit using a clean install)

To show you the upgrade steps I have used a Windows Home version and upgrade it to the most
improved version Professional /Ultimate ( Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7).