Sims 2 Victorian House

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26 Unique Of Sims Victorian House Plans Image 26 Unique Of Sims Victorian House Plans Image- Delightful to our website, on this time I’ll teach you with regards to Sims Victorian House Plans. And today, here is the very first picture: 200 best Floor plans images on Pinterest from sims victorian house plans, Ez House. VICTORIAN HOUSE (Sims 2) Sep. 19th, 2012 at 10:52 AM; Here's another one of my Sims 2 residential lots I built some time ago. Reica15 Avenida Peggy Sims 2 Helena Ignorant Bliss Chrissy.

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Like my previous guide on a simple modern house, this is a step-by-step guide on how to make a Victorian style house! They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, but they all have one thing in common: They’re adorable!

The thing I find important (and fun!) with this type of architecture, is the attention to detail on the outside. Fences, balconies, windows, friezes, wall trims, you can place them all! Less is more? -I think not!

The Shape:

You can make it however you like, but what’s typical for these houses, is that they are two-stories tall. I like to make mine “small and crammed”, because then the detail work is shown very well, and the inside becomes cozy and intimate. I start off building a square, but rounding the edges like so:

I then make a 2×3 room in the far left corner:

Then I add another square on top of the other one, but in the front i drag it one tile back, and I only round of the far right corners, like so:

I then add a 4×3 square room next to that, and with the small rooms I don’t round any of the corners because the blend of round and straight gives off a “soft and hard”-look that I think is cool!

I find myself the wonderful octagonal room tool, and make the base of my tower (yes, we are totally going to have a tower!) in the left corner of my second square, like so:

And one on top of that:

And now, it’s roof time! I start with a gabled roof on the 4×3 room:

Sims 2 Family House

Continue with a hipped roof on the bigger room which I’ve pulled out a bit so it becomes a tad more round:

Then I adjust the first roof, so it slides in to the second:

Sims 2 Victorian House

A gabled roof which I lower a bit on the little front room:

And then the crown on it all, a gabled roof that i pulled up a bit on my “even-if-small-still-super-cool-because-it-is-a-tower” tower:

Sims 4 Victorian Cc Furniture

But wait, there is more! I lift the foundation up:

Add pillars to each corner:

I raise both wall heights to medium. I do this so I’m able to use the cool friezes:

Sims 2 victorian house

Did you think that front room was for the door? -No no, we have cuter plans for that! I place the door in the left corner of the first room:

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Sims 4 Victorian Hair

Windows! All of the windows! I like to mix it up with tall windows, short windows, big windows, small windows, really, just any window!

I then replace the wall on the little room in front with a geometric spandrel

And move the wall forward a bit so it’s one tile from the edge of the foundation:

I add a fence I like on the edge of the foundation

And a big, eye-catching window

Then I add a big and grand frieze on top of each of the walls on both floors, like so:

And a slim roof trim around all of the roofs

I continue with the fence around all the areas that I’ve left open

I also think it’s fun to put around some of the roof, like so:

Some nice stone stairs, rails and a bit of fence:

And tada, I have a Victorian structure:


In this particular house I’ve gone for the antique white and classic look. Old fashion, but exclusive. Brown, black and grey are also very nice colors to use in Victorian houses, but I personally prefer it light and cozy. The kitchen I’ve done fairly simple, with little clutter. A wallpaper in a nice, calming yellow, some wall decorations and a table for two:

The living room is in a romantic and classic style. With blues and pinks to compliment the white walls and floors. I’ve not put a TV in for the sake of this picture, but of course you can add a TV!

In every corner and empty space of the house I fill with seating areas and flowers. Here you see a nice calming place to read or just to sit and stare at people walking past.

Lots of decorations all over the house! I like candles, statues and flowers!

A little office space in the upstairs hall:

In the very same hall is a chessboard, a cabinet with grandma’s old china, and a nice bouquet of flowers:

In the bedroom I’ve followed the theme of the rest of the house with vague blues, floral and white. Some wall decorations like a clock and a mirror really makes it pop:

Yes. You are correct. This is, in fact, a tower bathroom! I’ve made sure to add curtains, so the neighbors can’t see my sim taking a bath, and because it gives a nice effect to the room!
(There is a toilet in this room, it’s just behind the camera)

Some gardening, why not!

Needless to say, a nice house has a nice garden! So I’ll just show real quick how I’ve done it.

I start by making a path with the paint brush up to my house. And if you’ve seen any of my buildings before, you’ll know I’m addicted to curvy paths, like this:

Sims 3 victorian clothing

I make a fence from the rail of the stairs and follow the wall shape until it meets the wall. I paint the ground with the dirt colour, for that realistic effect

I add some various flowers and bushes:

I always make sure to see what trees are in the scenario around my lot, and pick the same or similar trees to have on mine. Just so it’ll fit in. And all over the lot I add little “bush-circles” as I call them. I place bushes in a half circle while holding the ALT-key and put various flowers in the middle, like so:

And there you have it, a Victorian house!