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As the area’s most comprehensive provider of educational services since 1985, we have helped students ages 3 to 103 succeed. We can help your student, too.

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Back to Basics serves all students—from those who simply need some academic support, to those who face learning disabilities, ADHD, visual or hearing impairments, or other challenges. We also provide educational services through contracts with districts, schools and the state of Delaware.

Parents + Students

We’ve been a leader in 1-on-1 learning since 1985. Learn how we can support you.

Schools + Districts

Learn about how we customize programs to the needs of each school.

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State Agencies

Adult Education

We serve the educational needs of all learners, regardless of age or purpose.

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Private School

If your child is struggling at school, you don’t need a short-term fix. You need a lasting solution.

Translating + Interpreting

Our interpreting and translating professionals are available in more than 21 languages for assignments of any size.

Back to Basics CEO Juli Bennett discusses why one of our summer college boot camp might be right for your student. See more videos.

Rethinking questions about career goals

An idea: Stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. Start asking questions that help them determine how strengths lead to goals.

Boredom may be key to creativity

Research suggests that boredom encourages us to explore creative outlets because our brains are seeking the stimulation that is missing.

Back to Basics Tutoring at JKCP Summer Camps

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Back to Basics is excited to partner with Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs in summer 2019 to provide 1-on-1 tutoring and SAT/ACT test prep services

The best timing for SAT Boot Camps + 1-on-1 Test Prep

Back to Basics CEO Juli Bennett discusses the best timing for SAT boot camps and 1-on-1 test prep. We can help with both!

10 Tips for 2019 Graduates

Back To Basics Company

Sharing some advice for graduates from educators who have seen many graduations. What advice do YOU have for the graduating class of 2019?

When it comes to customizing a plan for learning, rely on our experience. Tutoring franchises come and go, but we’ve been the most comprehensive and trusted educational services provider in Delaware and Southeastern PA since 1985.

years of experience

More than 80 experienced tutors

More than 24,000 students


Back To Basics Company

Back to Basics employs over 80 tutors, instructors, translators, and interpreters, all of whom are experienced professionals. Tutors and instructors are selected for each assignment based on a client’s expressed needs, goals, and schedules—so it’s important that we employ a team with diverse skills.

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