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.NEW. Black Ops 3 Zombie Glitches: 'Shadows of Evil' UNLIMITED XP Glitch! (BO3 Zombie Glitches) Discussion in 'Call of Duty: BO3 Glitches' started by tehLazoRs, Nov 13, 2015 with 12 replies and 18,529 views. Is there a reason to why I did not get the rewards from doing this or is it just a glitch??? We don't feel like going through another 2 hours on SOE just for that since that is just ridiculous seeing as though only one person got the glitch out of the 4. Thanks for your help,-E.

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Apothicon Sword
Weapon ClassWonder Weapon
Cost (Zombies)Free
Used byShadows of Evil Cast
Console codename(s)glaive_apothicon_0-3
'You know what I am?! I'm a fuckin' samurai killing machine, that's what I am!'
— Jack Vincent when slicing zombies to death with the sword.

The Apothicon Sword is a Wonder Weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III on the map Shadows of Evil.

The sword can have four different names, each of which corresponds to a specific character: Maroth Zorguamat (Shadow Star, for Nero Blackstone), Ullamargor Zortuk (Curse Eye, for Jack Vincent), Astanar Nethurgast (Head Gather, for Jessica Rose), and Shubozzor Ullagua (Heart Consume, for Floyd Campbell).

Accessing the SwordsEdit

In order to access the room containing the swords, the player has to ride the Tram throughout the city. There are locations marked on the path map with a red question mark, one in each district. The positions of the symbols will never change, but the symbols will.

The quickest way to find all three of the symbols is to take the train from Waterfront to Footlight Districts; this will have two symbols on the right side of the train. Then, take the train from Footlight to the Canals District, looking at the right side again for the third symbol.

After finding all three of the symbols, the player must head down into the Subway station and 'Become the Beast'. On the wall there will be an arch containing all of the potential symbols. The player must electrocute the three correct symbols in any order to destroy the wall and gain access to the egg room. Beware though of hitting the wrong symbol since it will cause the wall to reset and the player must wait for the next round to try again, making trial and error risky here.

After picking up an egg, one must place it on each Eldritch statue located around the map. To find one, the player must enter beast mode and smash the crates containing the statue. The player must then kill 10-12 zombies, whose souls will flow into the egg. After all statues have been completed, return to the wall and place the egg in the sword on top of the sphere it came from, and the player will now have a Apothicon Sword with a corresponding name.

Upgrading the SwordsEdit

To upgrade the swords, one must first take their Apothicon Sword to their character specific ritual site. If the player is Nero, they must take the sword to Nero's Landing. If the player is Jessica, they must go to the Black Lace Burlesque in the Footlight District. If the player is Campbell, they must go to The Anvil Boxing Gym in the Waterfront District. If the player is Vincent, they must go to the Ruby Rabbit in the Canals District. Once the player reaches their character's area, there will be a spirit floating over the ritual table. The spirit will give one the Arch-Ovum.

The player must then take the Arch-Ovum to four ritual circles spread over the map. The ritual circles are red, with symbols from the original creation of the sword around them. The first circle is outside of the spawn, the second circle is outside of the boxing gym, the third circle is outside of the burlesque, and the final circle is outside of the Ruby Rabbit. Once the player reaches one of the circles, they must place the Arch Ovum down in the center of it. After placing the Arch Ovum in the circle, it will float up into the air and a single Margwa will spawn. After defeating the Margwa, one must repeat the process on the other three circles. Note that on the second circle, two Margwas will spawn (same goes for the third and fourth), and the player may only do one ritual per round.

After completing all the ritual circles, the player should now see that the Arch-Ovum is glowing, this indicates that one has completed all the circles. For the final step, the player must return to their character specific location. On return, the spirit will ask for the Apothicon sword. Give the spirit the sword, wait a just few moments, and then the spirit will return to with the legendary Reborn Keeper Sword.

The Reborn sword (or Keeper sword) has four different names, which also corresponds to each of the characters: Shaitahn lu Kreemahogra (for Nero), Kreelasha lu Ahmkhaaleet (for Jack), Goahlo lu Kortahn (for Jessica) and Kreesaleet la Ahmahm (for Floyd).


The Maroth Zorguamat in first-person
The Ullamargor Zortuk

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Hey! So a couple of weeks ago I uploaded a post called Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown and I received so much great feedback and an overwhelming amount of upvotes and support to the content I was writing and I really appreciate it.


Introduction Important Points

This post will not cover specific things like easter eggs, for that type of information, read my other post: Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown

Some of the content in this post is taken straight from my post Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown to provide consistency and my other post will be edited to be similar to this also.

If you would like to make a contribution to this guide, please message me privately with your contribution, I will review it and add it to the post and you will be credited in this section along with wherever your contribution is added to the post.

To find specific information or jump to a specific chapter/section/topic, press 'CTRL + F' and type the chapter/section/topic you want to go to.

Map LayoutDistrict NamesOther Locations
FumigatorExplanation and ExamplesLocations
PodsExplanation and ExamplesLocations
FusesWhat they're forLocations
The Civil ProtectorWhat it is and doesLocations
Beast ModeWhat it's forLocations
Rituals & ItemsExplanation and ExamplesLocations
Pack-A-PunchHow to doMore
Buildables TablesExplanation and ExamplesLocations
Rocket ShieldExplainedLocations
TrainWhat it's forLocations
The Wonder WeaponHow it's builtLocations
Mystery BoxHow it worksLocations
GobblegumHow it worksLocations
PerksWhat they areLocations
WeaponsWeapon ListHow to obtain
SurvivalHow to SurviveLinks
StrategiesAuthors NotesLinks
Map Layout District Names Other Locations

The map is essentially split into 6 main sections which are: Easy Street, The Junction, The Waterfront district, The Footlight district, The Canals district and The Rift.

Easy Street is the room every game starts in. It has 4 windows, Quick Revive, an RK5 (500 Points), a Sheiva (500 Points), a fumigator and a beast mode fountain. There is one buyable door which costs 500 points and opens the Junction area.

Once in the Junction, you will notice there are 3 paths you can choose. Each path has a sign above it which either says 'Canals District', 'Footlight District' or 'Waterfront District'. These are the 3 main areas of the map and you don't have to open them in any order to progress the game.

Each of these paths will cost 1000 points to open the door. Once you go through them you will notice lots of things like fountains, traps, doors, machines, box's, lots of things.

To access the Rift, you will have to open a Rift portal round the map. There are 3 in total. Once you open one, you will be able to use beast mode to open a door to The Rift so you can enter by feet.

Recap: Easy Street is the spawn room. It leads to the Junction. Which leads to the Canals District, the Footlight District and the Waterfront District which all lead to The Rift.


Fumigators are an object which you can pick up to open pods around the map. Each player can obtain a fumigator and you will keep it for the whole game, even if you go down or die. Once you obtain a fumigator, you can use it by going up to a pod and pressing your interact button.


If you are playing solo, you can take the fumigator that is in the spawn room. It'll either be on a table towards the locked gate at the back of the room, on the back of a truck to the right next to Quick Revive or on a couple of boxes to the left near the purple foutain.

If you are playing a co-op game, there's a fumigator in the Canals District, Waterfront District and the Junction for every player to have one.

In the Junction it'll be near the fruit stalls near Easy Street, near the crane in the middle or a chair near Stamin-Up.

In the Canals, it'll either be to the right as you open the door near a fountain or further up next to a Gobblegum machine.

In the Waterfront, it'll either be to the left as you open the door, further up next to a Gobblegum machine and up the stairs you open with beast mode to the left.

There are no fumigators in the Footlight District however you will already have 4 by now!

Pods What they're for Locations

Pods are these objects which spawn in fixed locations around the map. They can be used to obtain items, weapons, power-ups, spawn Zombies and lots of things! You obtain these things by harvesting pods which you need a fumigator to do.

The pods vary in size and colour - there are 3 stages to pods: Green/Yellow (basic), Red (good) and Purple/Pink (amazing). Each stage changes the rarity and value of the item you get in the pods. The pods change colour and grow in size over the course of the game but it's dependent on rounds (not time) and varies between each pod.

The items that you can obtain from each stage can be seen in the table below. I recommend waiting till the pods are Purple/Pink to to get the best items/rewards.

Shadows of evil tutorial
Green/Yellow ItemsRed ItemsPurple/Pink Items
GrenadeMost Green/Yellow ItemsMost Red Items
Zombie500 points power-up1000 points power-up
BloodhoundKRM-262Margwa tentacle (for the wonder weapon)
RK5Haymaker 12Other power-ups

The fuses are items which are used to activate The Civil Protector. They can obtain by location them around the map. There are 3 fuses in total. They are small but glow bright blue. The locations for each are shown in the table below:

WaterfrontAt the top level of the district near the Mystery Box location
CanalsTop level/walkway of the district near KN-44 location and near the train station
FootlightTop level/walkway of the district near HVK-30/Doughnut cart locations

Once you have obtained all 3 fuses, go down to The Rift either through a portal or the stairs in the junction and go to the wall next to the Footlight District portal and place them in the MCPD box.

Now you can summon the Civil Protector in any of the districts.

The Civil Protector What it's for Locations

The Civil Protector is a AI Robot which helps you in your fight against Zombies! What can The Civil Protector do? The Civil Protector will shoot zombies, margwas, parasites, meatballs, pick up power-ups, revive you and teammates (if in solo you will keep your quick revive)

You must complete the Fuses section to unlock The Civil Protector.

The Civil Protector can be upgraded by completing the main Easter Egg.

The Civil Protector can be called in by going up to one of the boxes around the map and calling it in. It will cost 2000 points.

What is Beast Mode? Beast Mode is a state which allows players to open up special areas of the map, activate perks, revive players without being chased by Zombies and more!

You can enter Beast Mode by finding a 'Beast Mode Fountain' somewhere around the map. Once you enter beast mode, you will only have a certain amount of time to use it before you are brought back to human form.

If you're on solo, you will have a maximum of 3 beast modes on round 1 and they will add up each round maxing at 3. If you are on co-op, each player will have 1 beast mode per round.

If you have a beast mode available, the claw on the left of your HUD will be blue, if you do not have a beast mode available, the claw will be red.

You cannot use the same fountain more than once per round.

Rituals & Items What they're for Locations

Rituals are how Pack-A-Punch is opened in this map. They are simple to do and will reward you with points! There are a total of 5 Rituals, one in each District which are the 4 character rituals and a final 'Pack-A-Punch Ritual'.

In order to do each character ritual, you must first obtain the ritual item.

Shadows Of Evil Sword Glitch Where Are Death Walls At

To obtain the ritual items, please read the Beast Mode Efficiency section in my other post: Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown.

Once you have completed the 4 character rituals, you will need to go to the Rift to complete the Pack-A-Punch ritual.

I will not be explaining the Rituals in-depth in this post as they can be too complicated but you can read my in-depth tutorial here: Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown

To open the Pack-a-Punch room which is located in The Rift, you must complete all the character rituals.

For an in-depth tutorial on how to open Pack-A-Punch, see my other post: Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown

To Pack-a-Punch a weapon, it costs 5000 Points and increases mag size, ammo capacity, damage, range, fire-rate, etc.

Once a weapon is Pack-a-Punch'd you can Re-Pack it for 2500 points for alternate ammo types.

Alternate ammo types are different types of bullets which activate every few shots. Most alternate ammo types do not count towards points or kills. You can see the 5 different alternate ammo types and their abilities in the table below:

Alternate Ammo TypeDescription
TurnedThis turns Zombies into friendly's that attack and kill other Zombies.
Dead WireThis sends an electrostatic shock chain reaction through Zombies that kills the Zombies.
Blast FurnaceThis sends a blast of fire through Zombies, incinerating the Zombies.
Thunder WallThis blows Zombies away into the air, killing the Zombies.
Fire WorksThis puts a version of your gun inside some fireworks which fires at nearby Zombies for a couple of seconds, killing the Zombies.
Buildables Tables What they do Locations

The Buildables tables are used to build items such as the Zombie Shield and the Wonder Weapon.

There are tables in the Canals district, Waterfront district and Footlight district.

In the Waterfront district it is located near the top of the docks next to a beast mode fountain and the HVK-30.

In the Footlight district it is located at the very back of the district on the walkways near the HVK-30.

In the Canals district it is located at the back next to the stair case to the train, a beast mode fountain and the M8A7.

The Zombie Shield is split in 3 parts. Once you have built the shield, it will be on you back and provide protection so Zombies cannot hit you from behind. Alternatively you can equip it by pressing down and use it to melee Zombies, as cover or press R2 to use the rocket ability to kill Zombies by flying through them.

One part is in the Waterfront district. It's located at the top of the stairs you open in the beast mode room on a box or in the room at the top of the stairs. You will find it up against a wall in those rooms.

One part is in the Footlight district. It's located at the top of the stairs you open in the beast mode room just to the left or on a chair to the left inside the building at the top of the stairs.

One part is in the Canals district. It's located at the top of the stairs you open in beast mode against a wall. Or it's on the bridge. Or it's in the other room against a wall.

To assemble the Zombie shield, go up to one of the buildables tables and build it. I recommend the canals.

Train What it's for Locations

The train is used to travel across the map. It can be used as an escape from Zombies however if you activate with Zombies on the train, the Zombies will stay alive until you kill them. Also margwas can teleport onto the train before it starts to move.

The train spawns in any one of the three main districts. It can be found using maps located around the map. The train costs 500 points each use or to call it and you can change its destination. It has a slight cool down of a few seconds.

The Wonder Weapon is made up of 3 parts and has to be built. It can be built at any buildables table which you can find the location to in the Buildables Tables section in this post.

The first part will be dropped whenever you kill a margwa until you pick it up. This part is the margwa heart.

The next part will be dropped by killing parasites or meatballs. It usually comes between round 9 - 23 and beyond.

The final part comes from the Purple/Pink pods which is the margwa tentacle. To learn more about pods read the Pods section of this post.

The Wonder Weapon takes a weapon slot. It has 10 total ammo and can shoot one shot at a time then you must reload.

The Wonder Weapon cannot be upgraded as of now.

The Wonder Weapon is quite powerful. It works similar to the Gersch device except the range is only in the immediate vicinity, not the whole map. It does not suck in margwas but it can stop them temporarily.

Mystery Box How it works Locations

The Mystery Box in this map works like any other, it spawns in a random location and moves after a few uses.

It costs 950 points normally and 10 points during a firesale.

It has no permanent starting location.

Gobblegum are like perks which you can set before a game in the form of a pack - 5 Gobblegum per pack - and can be bought in-game using a Gobblegum machine. These vary is usability, length, power and rarity. To learn more about the Gobblegum Machine and Gobblegum overall, read my other post Gobblegum Information which is chalk-full of information about Gobblegum and all the Gobblegum in the game: Gobblegum, Perks & Weapon Kits Game Features Breakdown

The Gobblegum machine always has one starting location in the junction.

It always has 2 on the map at one time and the second starting location is usually the first machine in the Footlight district.

It costs 500 points normally and 10 points during a firesale.

It can only be used once per round - this includes firesales.

It will move after a few uses.

Perks What they are Locations

Perks work the same way as any other map! Once you buy them, you will keep them until you go down (unless you use Gobblegum), die and you can only buy 4 perks at one time (unless you use Gobblegum). There are 7 perks on Shadows of Evil which are:

Perk NamePerk DescriptionCost
Quick ReviveCo-op - This perk allows you to revive your teammates 50% faster. Solo - This perk allows you to revive yourself 3 timesCo-op - 1500 Points. Solo - 500 Points
Stamin-UpGives you a 7% speed increase and double speed endurance2000 Points
JuggernogIncrease Health by 66.6%. Instead of 3 hits, you can take 5 hits2500 Points
Double Tap IIIncreases firerate to 1.2x and splits bullets into 2 effectively doubling damage2000 Points
Speed ColaDecrease reload time and the time to interact with items, throw grenades, special bombs, etc.3000 Points
Widows WineUpgrades grenades into Widows Grenade. Widow Grenades release a web which ensnares Zombies, slowing them down. You can apply the same effect by knifing or when hit by Zombies when using Widows Wine4000 Points
Mule KickAllows you to buy a third weapon4000 Points

You can only obtain 4 perks at once unless you use Gobblegum (See: Gobblegum, Perks & Weapon Kits Game Features Breakdown).

Juggernog, Speed Cola and Double Tap II all change location each game. They change between the Canals district, Footlight district and Waterfront district.

Outside each district at the door there is a smashed perk bottle representing which perk is where. The bottles glow the colour of the perk. So:

A red Juggernog bottle for Juggernog.

A green Speed Cola bottle for Speed Cola.

An orange Double Tap II bottle for Double Tap II.

Weapons in this game are used to kill Zombies, margwas, etc. (obviously) and can be upgraded and customized to make them more powerful, efficient and personal! Some weapons are only available from the Mystery Box or by Box weapons which you can see in the table below.

To see which weapons are available from pods, please read the Pods section above in this post.

Wall WeaponsBox Weapons
RK5Ray Gun
L-CAR 9Pharo
KN-4448 Dredge
Bowie KnifeSVG-100
Trip MinesICR-1
205 Brecci
Haymaker 12
Lil' Arnies

Shadows Of Evil Walkthrough

The wonder weapon also goes in the box after it has been built and swapped out or lost through death.

For more information on weapons and weapon kits (attachments, camos, etc.) see my other post: Gobblegum, Perks & Weapon Kits Game Features Breakdown


This section has been directly lifted from my Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown post for consistency.

Survival is key to Zombies. You might think this is a strange topic to discuss in a Map Breakdown but I disagree. Assuming you have read this entire guide or know all of this like I do, you now have a wide array of tools to help you survive to high rounds. However tools and weapons aren't the only thing you need, you also need skill.

Now, I can't teach you skill but I can give you a very valuable tip. This a Zombies sub, full of posts just like mine to help you, use the search feature to find helpful training/camping strategies and other tips and tricks!

Shadows Of Evil Glitches

Some basic survival tips for Shadows of Evil and other Zombies maps are... Don't camp, learn how to train. This will make surviving much easier and calmer, it will also improve your skill as a player. Begin by doing easy trains in large areas like The Rift or around Pack-a-Punch, once you get more comfortable with this technique, go for more complex and challenging but faster trains like at the beast mode statue in Waterfront.

If you aren't familiar with 'training', look it up, it's rather easy! It basically involves running around in a circle and the Zombies will gather together in a crowd (train) and it makes killing them easier and safer. You can also go for more complex trains, semi-circles, half-circles, loops, backwards loops, all sorts of different methods!

Other things to do are to always have a Zombies shield - this will protect your back making it less likely to get hit. Use Widows Wine so that if you are hit, all Zombies in the immediate area get suck in a Widow's Web. Use traps to kill Zombies! Use the Civil Protector! He will kill Zombies, revive you and you'll keep your Quick Revive! He also kills Margwas! You can read more about The Civil Protector in The Civil Protector section above!

For an Easy Beginners Strategy, check out my new revised post: Shadows of Evil Easy Beginners High Round Strategy which will teach you an easy technique to easily get you to high rounds and even world records if you wanted!

This section has been directly lifted from my Shadows of Evil Complete Map Breakdown post for consistency.

There are so many strategies in Shadows of Evil! However, because there are so many, it would take too long and too much space to write them all here. Instead, I'll be creating posts for the ones that I personally like or find are the best! You can also search this subreddit for other people's strategies or hell, use YouTube.

For an Easy Beginners Strategy, check out my new revised post: Shadows of Evil Easy Beginners High Round Strategy which will teach you an easy technique to easily get you to high rounds and even world records if you wanted!

Authors Notes

This post will be updated overtime and added to so feel free to bookmark it and come back. It has already been edited multiple times to make it the best it can be!

I will be continuing to write posts, strategies, tips, techniques, etc so check out my account for more.

All of Informative posts can be linked together and help each other so it's definitely worth reading them for more detailed descriptions of what I mean.

Along with this Informative post, I have multiple other guides to help you out including Complete Map Breakdowns for Shadows of Evil and Zetsubou No Shim and much more!

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