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Our Endless Space 2 +5 trainer is now available for version 1.4.13 +DLC and supports STEAM. These Endless Space 2 cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Endless Space 2 Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums.

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August 10, 2018 - 7:24am

Game Cheats:

Endless Space 2 Cheats

Put “–enablemoddingtools” (without quotes) in the launch options of the
game in Steam (right click on game in library, properties, general tab).
Now you can get access to various debug features.


Once the modding tools are enabled, you can use the debug features in-game:

Shift+F1 opens a debug menu
Shift+F2 gives you a lot of all resources
Shift+F3 reveals the map

Pressing G activates the “god cursor” that you can then use to click various
elements (resources, ships, gauges etc…) to modify (often increase) their

Holding Shift, Control or Alt may results in different effects
(such as reducing or maxing out values).

Guide for Confusing Achievements:
Most achievements are clear and easy to get. However, some achievements just
don't work well and are causing problems when we try to get 100% achievements
of this game. I will explain them in this guide.

Tree Huggers:
As the Unfallen, extend Vines to 5 systems of an empire with whom you have
signed a Peace agreement

As I still haven't figured out the mechanics of this one, and the description
of this achievement is totally misleading, somehow I have got this achievement.
Here are my tips.

Do not force peace, that might not count. Try only 'Peace' term in diplomacy.
Have as many AI opponents as you wish, and peace everyone if possible. Do not
join any alliance, and build vine ships to expand to AI's territories.
When having vines ready, cold war to each AI and then peace again.

Home Is Where the Heart Is:
Colonize one of each type of planet in one game - by C0ldSn4p

The true description should be 'Outpost one of each type of planet in one game.'

Endless Space 2 Cheats Game

There are 26 types of planets in this game. Open a game with large map and
outpost each of them.

When you, unfortunately, can't find all types, destroy your outpost and make
an outpost again on the type you want. But in my run, a large map is totally enough.

Planet Types List:
(you may want to mark after each type when you make outposts to be efficient)

Gas Hot
Gas Temperate
Gas Cold
Gas Frozen
Gas Warm
Gas Burning


Endless Gamer:
Play for 10,000 turns, across any number of playthroughs

Tips: you may want a software called 'auto clicker'. Each time you click on
'end turn', the number +1. Or else you would play hundreds of games to get this.
Actually, when I get every else achievement, my count is around 2500/10000.

Endless Space 2 Custom Faction Cheats

Et Tu, Brute?:
Use Privateers to secretly attack a fleet or a system belonging to a member
of your Alliance

Tips: Hire a large fleet of mercs, and you have to win either a battle or a
siege to get this.

The Learner Is Now the Master:
Win a game in Endless difficulty against AI

Tips: Win a science with Sophons or a wonder with any race would be quick.