Final Fantasy Xv Tomb Locations


Tomb of the Tall: is west of The Fallgrove. The tomb is a fakey since it’s been raided! The tomb is a fakey since it’s been raided! There’s a note left behind that the weapon is now in Costlemark Tower (East of the Tomb). Dungeons in Final Fantasy XV are high level raids with some of the strongest monsters and best rewards in the game. You reveal their locations on the map by talking to tipsters at Outposts and Parking Spots (restaurant owners). Final Fantasy XV Armiger Weapons Locations Guide to help you find all 13 Royal Arms to complete your Armiger Arsenal and unlock the Fateful Heir Trophy.

Final Fantasy XV has a unique and fluid Battle system with a lot of moving parts. Due to that it's easy to mostly ignore the Armiger feature, and everything it can do for you. That would be a serious mistake though, especially since Armiger attacks and chain attacks fill in the place of having limit breaks within Final Fantasy XV. That's why we've put together this handy guide for how to use Armiger abilities.

What is the Armiger Arsenal?

The Armiger Arsenal is made up of the Royal Arms found throughout the world, and their use is a special ability of Noctis. He's able to attack viciously, cycling through the various different Royal Arms you have acquired during your journey. While Armiger skills are active, Noctis will have greatly increased power and attack speed.

Once it has been fully filled you can lauch the Armiger Arsenal

To employ the Armiger Arsenal you'll first need to charge it up adequately. This is done by attacking, using warp strikes, and generally engaging in battle. A circular gauge that surrounds the arms display on the bottom left of the screen will show you as the Armiger gauge fills. Once it has been fully filled, you can launch the Armiger Arsenal by pressing LB and RB.

Once you've triggered Armiger mode, the gauge will deplete until it empties. This generally takes about 10 seconds, although if Noctis drops into danger you will drop out of Armiger mode entirely, thankfully retaining what remains on your Armiger gauge.

Use the Armiger Arsenal effectively

Unlike most earlier Final Fantasy games, there are no limit breaks within Final Fantasy XV. Instead, you get access to the Armiger Arsenal, which allows you to cause absolutely deadly amounts of damage to your enemies in battle. In this way Armiger mode acts as a limit break system for Noctis, without giving you access to anything explosive the way that earlier games did.

Armiger mode is an absolute boon in combat.

That being said, Armiger mode is a an absolute boon in combat. It uses the Royal Arms that you have acquired from Tombs of Kings to access much nastier attacks. Chaining together these attacks is an easy way to wipe the floor with enemies that are far stronger than you, or to deal serious damage during a boss battle.

The more weapons you recover from Tombs, the nastier your attacks will become. That's because the Royal Arms will appear around Noctis in battle, and he will switch between them as he fights. While within Armiger mode, all attacks have an automatic 1.5 times multiplier. Noctis will actually automatically dodge some projectiles in this mode, as well as automatically choosing the best Royal Arm for each attack.

Where to find the Royal Arms

Royal Arms are all hidden within the Tombs of the Kings, which means to add them to your Arsenal, you'll need to find them. The first weapon, Swords of the Wanderer are found automatically as part of the story. Several of the Royal Arms are found during the main quest, and are fairly easy to add to your Armiger Arsenal.

However, several of the arms will require you to hunt down hidden Tombs to find them. In one case, the Royal Arm has been stolen from it's original resting place and will require you to slog your way through an extremely difficult dungeon in order to reclaim it.

Here's where you can find each Royal Arm out in the world of Eos.

  • Sword of the Wise: Found during quest 'Legacy'. You'll automatically receive this sword during the quest.
  • Axe of the Conqueror: Found during quest 'The Power of Kings'. At the end of Keycatrich Trench you'll find the Tomb of the Conqueror where the Axe is stored.
  • Bow of the Clever: Found within the Royal Tomb at the Balouve Mines. Be forewarned you'll need to defeat a Level 52 Aramusha to get to the Bow.
  • Swords of the Wanderer: Found during quest 'Sword in the Waterfall'. There is a dungeon hidden behind a waterfall. Once you clear the dungeon you'll find the Tomb of the Wanderer.
  • Blade of the Mystic: Found during quest 'The Archaen'. You'll find this sword hidden in the Tombs of the Mystic, which is where you are when fighting the Titan.
  • Star of the Rogue: Found within Royal Tomb at The Myrlwood. Myrlwood is located near Vesperpool, and inside it you'll find the Tomb of the Rogue.
  • Sword of the Tall: Found within Royal Tomb at Castlemark Tower. This one is a bit tricky. You'll need to go after the 'Gods and Kings' quest to the Tomb of the Tall in Falgrove. However it is empty, and has been sacked. From there head to Castlemark Tower, where you'll need to complete the dungeon and defeat a Level 58 Jabberwock to get the sword.
  • Shield of the Just: Found with Royal Tomb at Tomb of the Just. You can find this tomb at Thommel's Glade, to the west of the disc.
  • Mace of the Fierce: Found within Royal Tomb at The Rock of Ravatogh. You'll need to climb all the way to the top of the Rock of Ravatogh, located at the southwestern corner of the map.
  • Scepter of the Pious: Found within Royal Tomb at the Malmalam Thicket. The Tomb of the Pious is where you'll find the scepter, but come prepared. It's guarded by a nasty dungeon and a Level 38 Bandersnatch.
  • Trident of the Oracle: Found during quest 'Breath of the Glacian'. You'll get the Trident by completing the train portion of the main story, after you defeat the Level 34 Deathclaw.
  • Katana of the Warrior: Found during quest 'The Hand of the King'. This is another weapon that you'll get by completing the main story and defeating the Level 38 Marlboro in the mine.
  • Sword of the Father: Found during quest 'Zegnautus Keep'. This Armiger is picked up automatically near the end of the game.

Filling the Armiger gauge

While it is easy enough to fill the Armiger gauge without really thinking about it, there are ways to ensure that you fill it as quickly and effectively as possible. This is particularly helpful if you're dealing with a long drawn out fight. Waiting to use your Armiger Arsenal until you're in a nasty fight is a fine strategy, but if you know how to fill it quickly you can wreak havoc on your foes without nearly killing your party in the process.

Attacking, using warp strikes, counter attacks and shield blinks will all net you a small increase to your Armiger gauge. Of these, warp strikes are the least helpful. Phasing through enemy attacks is where you'll really fill up the Armiger gauge — each time you phase you'll add roughly 5%.

Phasing through enemy attacks is where you'll really fill up the Armiger gauge.

If done quickly and effectively, especially against Empire rifle shots, you can easily use the Armiger gauge more than once in a single battle. You'll need to keep an eye on Noctis, though, to make sure he doesn't eat through all of his MP while phasing through enemy attacks. Each phase costs MP, though the cost can be lowered by picking up the Light Phase and Ultralight Phase skills from within the Ascension tree.

Your friends can get in on the action too

By using the skills in the Armiger Ascension tree, your friends can share in the Armiger Arsenal action too. You'll need to unlock Armiger Chain as well as acquire the Blade of the Mystic before it is available. Once you've done these two things Armiger mode becomes much more powerful and much, much nastier for your foes.

Using Armiger Chain immediately makes Armiger mode far deadlier, since everyone in the party is doing more damage than usual.

That's because Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis will all equip one of the original 4 Royal Arms that you have found. Noctis uses the Blade of the Mystic, Gladiolus picks up the Axe of the Conqueror, Prompto attacks with the Sword of the Wise, and Ignis will wreak havoc with the Swords of the Wanderer. The Armiger Chain actually requires you to hit RB and LB a second time in order to trigger it, and if there are obstacles preventing it's implementation the option will be greyed out on your screen.

Using the Armiger Chain ability immediately makes Armiger mode far deadlier since everyone in the party is doing more damage than usual. If you go the extra mile and pick up the associated abilities from within the Ascension tree, you can ensure that the damage keeps going after the Armiger gauge has depleted. This is because there is an ability which will give you unlimited access to MP for 60 seconds after Armiger Mode. Considering how you're constantly reminded to keep an eye on MP, this can be absolutely devastating to your foes.

Armiger Arsenal recieves it's own Ascension tree

Armiger in #FFXV makes me feel like I'm Goku or something.

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In Final Fantasy XV the Ascension tree controls all of the skills that Noctis and his friends can gain access through by using AP. In Chapter 3, when you receive the first Royal Arm, a new tree specifically for Armiger skills will open up inside of the Ascension menu. There are 9 nodes within the Armiger Ascension tree that will open up new skills for Armiger attacks, as well as increasing the time and damage of Armiger mode.

We've put together a list of each Armiger ability within the Ascension tree as well as what each one does so that you can get the most out of spending your AP.

  • Armiger: The first ability in the tree, this allows you to go into Armiger mode when the gauge is full.
  • Armiger Harvester: Located to the right off of Armiger, this node will boost Armiger gauge gains from attacks by 30%.
  • Iron Armiger: Located to the left off of Armiger, this node will reduce the Armiger gauge depletion by 30%.
  • Armiger Action: Located above Iron Armiger, this node will let you gain 1 AP each time you go into Armiger Mode.
  • Armiger Chain: Located below Armiger, this node allows your friends to use Royal Arms and chain attacks with Noctis within Armiger mode.
  • Armiger Warchain: Located below Armiger Chain, this node boosts Armiger Chain damage by 50%.
  • Armiger Chain Reaction: Located below Armiger Warchain to the left, this node awards 1 AP each time you unleash Armiger Chain.
  • Armiger Sagechain: Located directly below Armiger Warchain, this node boosts experience from Armiger Chain kills by 100%.
  • Armiger Freechain: Located below Armiger Warchain to the right, this node awards unlimited MP for 60 seconds after executing an Armiger Chain.

Using Royal Arms outside of Armiger mode

While it isn't technically part of Armiger mode, it's worth noting that Noctis can equip the Royal Arms outside of Armiger mode. Each one has it's own benefits and drawbacks, and can cause serious damage to a foe who is soaking up damage. However, anytime you use a Royal Arm outside of the Armiger mode, it will sap at your Max HP.

So long as you keep an eye on Noctis's HP, you should be fine to use these weapons. Handy especially against bosses, or higher level enemies, all Royal Arms get a bonus in combat. If Noctis's HP does start to drop low then you'll want to use elixirs to regain his max HP, and probably move to more common weapons that won't drain him in combat.


Armiger mode quickly becomes a regular part of the battle system after you unlock it and see it in action the first time. Between the increased damage, new skills, and vicious attacks it enables, Armiger Mode is Final Fantasy XV's solution to the lack of a limit break system in the game. Using it effectively can make sure that Noctis and his team are ready to deal with any enemy that crosses their path.

Final Fantasy XV has an overwhelming choice of all sorts of weapons -- both melee and ranged. There is also a special class of Armiger weapons that can be equipped only by the main protagonist of the game -- Noctis.

Ff Xv Royal Arms Location

But they are not the only viable options, as there are some really cool swords, daggers, pistols and machines that can be eventually upgraded to much better versions. In this top 15 selection we have chosen a few picks from each class to make sure that every type of weapon gets an equal spotlight.

Note: You must complete the game first, then use Umbra to travel back in time to get most of the weapons.

Also, you will find short instructions on how to find and upgrade these awesome weapons. The list includes:

  • 2 swords
  • 2 greatswords
  • 2 daggers
  • 2 pistols
  • 1 lance
  • 3 machines
  • 3 Royal Arms

So without further ado, here are the best weapons in FFXV and the locations where you can find them!

Editors Note: A few points of confusion were fixed 12/14/16.

Soul Saber

Type: Sword
Character: Noctis

If you’re not too fond of greatswords, then here is a better alternative -- Soul Saber. You can get it as a reward for doing one of Randolph’s quests, Cursed Legend. You can find Randolph at the Farmer’s Market in Lestallum.

The Cursed Legend mission involves killing a beast named Phalaris. It is a level 85 enemy, so prepare yourself for a devastating battle. Greatswords and fire spells work great against him.

Ultima Blade

Type: Sword
Character: Noctis

In order to obtain an ultimate sword in Final Fantasy XV, the Ultima Blade, you need to accomplish several quests and one specific hunt. Here is the complete guide on how to get this exceptional weapon.

The three quests require Noctis to upgrade his Engine Blade sword, and then you need to hunt Duplicorns and Spiracorns in order to get the Sturdy Helixhorn.


Type: Greatsword
Characters: Gladiolus, Noctis

The most powerful weapon in the game is an easy find… well, almost. You need to get to the Balouve Mines and find the locked vault door. This is one of the many such doors that can be found in the dungeons of Final Fantasy XV.

In order to unlock the door you must obtain the key from an old lady residing at the Meldacio Hunter Headquarters. As soon as you have the key, you will be able to pass through the doors and pick up the Apocalypse greatsword.

Iron Duke

Type: Greatsword
Characters: Gladiolus, Noctis

This is a great alternative to Apocalypse and Dominator greatswords. You can get Iron Duke as a reward for beating Bennu -- a huge bird boss.

In order to activate this fight you need to start a side quest called Legend is Born. Talk to Randolph in Lestallum to snatch the mission and the sword.

Zwill Crossblades

Type: Daggers
Characters: Ignis, Noctis

You can get the best daggers in Final Fantasy XV by accomplishing the very last side quest given by Randolph in Lestallum -- Wondrous Weapon.

However, it is not an easy task, as you will be facing an extremely dangerous enemy called Naglfar. He uses strong dark elemental attacks and has a huge health pool, so you need to be at least level 80 to be able to beat him.

Better Plunderers

Type: Daggers
Characters: Ignis, Noctis

There are two pairs of Plunderer daggers in the game. The first one is easy to get by trading 4 Caem Carrots with Tony in Cape Caem. Then, you can upgrade them to much better Plunderers by doing a quest for Cid.

It appears that you need to bring him a Barbed Scythe that can be obtained only from the Soldier Wasps at the Malmalam Thicket. As soon as you have the item, bring it back to Cid and upgrade your daggers.

Death Penalty

Type: Firearm
Characters: Prompto, Noctis

This ultimate magnum gun can be located at the Balouve Mines secret area -- the same place where you’ve found Apocalypse greatsword. But in order to get Death Penalty you will have to kill the boss of the dungeon, Pyromancer.

The coolest thing about this firearm is that it has a tiny chance of insta-killing an enemy. But even without this ability, Death Penalty deals incredible amounts of damage on its own.

Hyper Magnum

Type: Firearm
Characters: Prompto, Noctis

This unbelievably powerful pistol appears after you kill the Lakhmu Flan boss in the Keycatrich Trench. Lakhmu is a very strong daemon that has almost no weaknesses and is resistant to insta-kills.

You need to be very careful here, as the boss constantly casts lots of fire, lightning and ice spells. When you’re done with him, Hyper Magnum will become available for picking up.


Type: Polearm
Characters: Ignis, Noctis

Flayer is a powerful lance weapon that can be obtained after clearing every floor of the Steyliff Grove location. You also must have a key previously received from Ezma to be able to unlock the vault door.

The final boss -- Mictlantecihuatl -- is weak to daggers and ice spells. Also, if you have any other polearms in your stash, then they would be just as effective against this beast.

Better Auto Crossbow

Type: Machinery
Characters: Prompto, Noctis

You may have already found the original Auto Crossbow in the Keycatrich Trench, but that iteration isn’t terribly strong. However, you can upgrade it by bringing Cid a Cactuar Needle.

This is a very rare item that can be farmed only by killing Cactuar that spawns in the morning at the Northwest of Hammerhead. Once you bring Cid the Cactuar Needle, you will be rewarded with a Better Auto Crossbow that is not only powerful, but also grants you a huge damage resistance bonus.

Better Gravity Well

Type: Machinery
Characters: Prompto, Noctis

The default version of the Gravity Well can be located inside the office at the Aracheole Stronghold hangar. You can bring it to Cid at the Hammerhead garage and he will be able to upgrade it to a Better Gravity Well.

All you need is to find the Hydraulic Cylinder, which spawns at the location shown North of Fort Vaullerey (see the video below). Better Gravity Well is an excellent weapon if you want to boost your magic abilities.

Better Circular Saw

Type: Machinery
Characters: Prompto, Noctis

The original Circular Saw drops after you kill Loqi at the Prairie Outpost. Later you can upgrade it by using a Sky Gemstone -- a peculiar item that can be snatched by accomplishing a Feline Feast quest at Cape Caem, the Patioss dungeon, or at the beginning of chapter 12.

Noctis needs to feed Monica, the Cat, and as a reward he will get the necessary item for that Circular Saw upgrade. You will surely enjoy this weapon, which significantly boosts your vitality.

At the beginning of chapter 12, once you get off the train at Tenebrae, you will eventually have to speak to Maria. You can find a Sky Gemstone next to her.

You can also find 2 Sky Gemstones in the Patioss dungeon, but this requires you to upgrade the Regalia to fly. You can also only enter at night.

Greatsword of the Tall

Final Fantasy Xv Tomb Locations
Type: Royal Arm
Character: Noctis

You will find this huge sword after defeating Jabberwock -- a level 58 dragon located at the Costlemark Tower.

However, the journey to the Greatsword of the Tall must begin with the Vyv’s quest, Of Gods and Kings. You will be given an assignment to make photos of the Tomb of the Tall located in Fallgrove.

There you will find a note that will lead you to the sword’s actual location.

Axe of the Conqueror

Type: Royal Arm
Character: Noctis

This massive halberd can be obtained after killing the Arachne boss and entering the Royal Tomb of the Conqueror. The tomb itself is located at the Keycatrich Trench.

Arachne is quite easy to kill with any greatsword and fire spells. Axe of the Conqueror gives Noctis additional strength when it is equipped, and it is rightfully considered one of the most powerful Royal Arms in Final Fantasy XV.

Trident of the Oracle

Type: Royal Arm
Character: Noctis

At the end of Chapter 12 you will be fighting a daemon boss called Deathclaw. This fight is the part of the Breath of the Glacian quest, which grants you an amazingly beautiful Trident of the Oracle.

You will get it from Gantiana after killing Deathclaw -- who is mostly vulnerable to fire spells. Also, beware of his massive aerial attacks, but other than that it shouldn’t be too hard.

What other great weapons from Final Fantasy XV have we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Published Dec. 8th 2016