Gmod Half Life Renaissance

  1. Gmod Half Life Renaissance

Half-Life 2 is creating the same excitement now that it did at last year's show, and given Valve's claim that the code is essentially complete, needing only bug-fixing and level tweaking, we could be seeing that renaissance. Team-based mod is receiving.


DanQ8000 / Gaming

Length: 25:45 Quick View

Gmod Half Life Renaissance
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Half Life 2
Walkthrough - Part 13
With Commentary
Xbox 360 Gameplay
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Half Life 2 - Walkthrough - Part 13 - Freeman Compactor DanQ8000

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Unforeseen consequences the last time I.

Heard those words was back at Black Mesa when he whispered them in my ear the whole one went to hell that day when he. Brought in that crystal I knew I you. Know who I'm sorry ma'am our mutual friend.

Hey it's no good up there it's all sealed off have you ever seen anything like this this area it just doesn't feel right whoa that was close you have any.

Idea what's going on.

Hey hey all right which one you guys locked me in here I'm serious now this has become quite annoying damnation someone will pay for.

This mess now where did I leave that.

Shut down procedure car I can't take.

Much more of this you'll be calling it.

Those the emergency survival procedures.

But on graduation well did you hear that that.

Sound what is it no it's probably those. Anomalous materials people again always pushing their equipment too hard dabbling in who knows what I'd be surprised if there's one good brain among them stupid machines why don't.

These ever seem to work what the hell is going on with our equipment I can't rest my brain around it.

Did you understand that last announcement yes do you think we should delay for another recalibration not certain I certainly hope during cookie.

Launch or conservatories satellite the pension trade we probably.

Better off walking it I overheard someone say that all the trends on this end of the facility are having problems you are completely wrong I'm stuck.

18:16 before to administration level -.

And smell is interest.

You ever seen anything like this I suspected this could happen but the administrator just would not listen the.

Sample was just delivered to the test chamber any ideas on the origin of that new sample uh-huh this analysis is going to run perfectly today don't you think I'm sure.

I can't access my files I can't answer my mail I haven't even been able to get into my office be quiet.

So someone let us out of here I know sir I know we're doing everything we can to get the problem under control just give us some time to shut up but just want to get out of this alive I predicted all of this you know all of it.

Ratings get in here quick.

Alright let's go for it oh it's you I.

Thought it might be another of the administrators men and everywhere this morning that doesn't sound right that sound what is it.

Man that sounded bad kindly lower your voice.

Bad feeling about this well do you have any idea what to do next we'll get through this together I suppose a security guard should know what he's doing sure do you can't be serious.

Thanks God okay let's get out of here I.

Thought we were a team.

Warning extreme electromagnetic field in Qasr in Sector C.

They don't stand too close to the main doors when they're opening or closing they close hard if I have to ride that tram one more time I'm gonna like we're.

In for a long day today good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System this train is in burning personnel.

Evacuate immediately this.

Can't get any worse than this I'll get that door open you don't still think this drill well don't just stand there do something.

Away from seeing system fail.

Hold yourself together look out.

Opens fire.

Emergency access Reggie.

Look I'll shoot up pretty bad and I think my legs broken never gonna make it. She better go on without me hey try not.

To get eaten by a monster or anything okay.

Personnel circus Sabath elevator in it. Please clear flat.


Personnel service such as leader in age please.

For god sake open the door they're coming for us it's our only way out oh my god we're doomed.

Oh over here would you mind opening this.

Door for me.

Damnation this situation has become unreasonable you're going to have to locate a security guard before we leave this place they're the only ones who know the codes we need we don't have time for any foolishness get in there and find a guard don't return until you.

Found a guard who has the tools on your way there.

Best testing yes good excellent I'll be.

Able to communicate with you anywhere in the facility delete the service see you.

On the other side hey someone there.

The tension this announcement that system is now under military command.

Hello can anyone hear me close things.

They're everywhere we've got to get out of here did you hear that.

Man am I glad to see you this door is locked see if you can activate it from the console.

Cleverly done but you are not supposed to be here.

You see.

We'll see about that.

Get back where you belong and forget about all this until we meet again.

Almost there.

All night you look like hell I dried you.

That let's run like hell my access code.

Should open this and unlock any door around the central transit hub let's see if this works I'll be happy to survive this with all my parts okay why not didn't want to die alone Thunder God.

Good job I presume you've got the all-clear codes yeah I've got the clearance codes to the security station let's go excellent I shall await your return.

Where it is once we get to the surface the military's made.

That's good shootin I'll give that door open okay we might live longer maybe.

Help is on its way but I'm not waiting around court we got to get topside.

Let me get that door for you.

I'm gonna stay down here if I see anything looks like it doesn't belong here I'll start shooting.

I'm glad to see you we've got an access violation at some of the gates near where you are better be careful I think you got company someone's help.

I was worried you wouldn't make it.

Anyway let's get to the security station you lead the way I can get you some valuable supplies if you'll protect me let's get the hell out of here let's go.

Let me try my cold I've almost got it.

Okay interesting so much of all meet me here I think something is interfering for me I'll be right behind you a.

Soldier saved at last all right soldier.

I'm going to stay here and wait for my colleagues and if my brain I refuse to go another step lead the way.

I suppose I can help wait a minute.

And I'll let you in well if you think.

The central security station is right over here it's right over here.

Stay here to operate the security game right.

Oh my for a second I thought you were.

One of them we thought you'd never make it thank god you're here look I need both of you here before I open this door we haven't got much time did you hear something please.

The tension military personnel.

Announcement system shutdown in progress.

Take your interview.



Very good we'll take it from here prepare for unforeseen consequences Alex.

I should have known when he rescued her it was for his own damn reasons well.

Well isn't this just like old times.

We've been rather busy in your absence mr. Freeman that will be all you.

Remember my wife artheon don't you we were living in base housing you know I.

Can still only guess what might have happened tomorrow we meet again so nice.

To have you with us.

Come back come back here No.

Get back here oh no not this time.

Pay attention I'm only going to say this once prepare for unforeseen consequences.


Gmod Half Life Renaissance