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Try right clicking on my computer select properties, the choose the last tab (I think it's called performance) click the button labeled virtual memory (it's on the right) then select the upper checkbox. Windows 10 'Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service' error stops us from computing. This post offers top 3 ways to fix the system error.

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gilescorey - 2015-01-12

I’ve run into this problem several times recently and am not sure what to do about it. First off, I’m running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and the latest version of 7-Zip (9.20).

My C drive is a 250GB SSD that I use for programs/caches etc. and which is constantly running out of space; I use my internal and external HDs for files and all other storage. However, I recently cleared up as much as I could from my C drive (going from ~1GB available to ~31GB available). A week or so later I attempted to extract a very large RAR file (around 42GB) using 7-zip. The RAR file itself was on an external HD with plenty of space available (1.4TB free) and I extracted it to the same directory on this HD but after extracting partway I was met with a “Not enough space on disk” error and tried to X out and the entire computer ended up freezing, forcing me to perform a manual shut down.

After booting up again I noticed that the space on my C drive had been reduced from 31GB free to only a few MBs free and figured 7-zip had used the temp directory on the C drive to extract the RAR. Some googling confirmed this, as others had similar issues and said the solution was to simply delete the files from the temp folder in the C drive and change the temp directory settings in 7-zip. I tried both and have had problems with both.

First, the space issue. I deleted everything from the temp directory on the C drive and still had no space available. I had to free up as much space as I could by moving files off of the C drive and in the end was left with only 2GB free on the C drive as I’d already moved or deleted just about everything I could in order to get the 31GB free earlier, but 2GB free was still better than a few megabytes free. I still don’t know where the other 31GB of used space from the extraction is located on the C drive or how to get rid of it. I did a search for part of the RAR name and it came up with nothing anywhere in the C drive.

Second, the extraction issue. I followed online instructions about how to change the temp extraction folder – I opened 7-zip, went to Tools – Options, selected the Folders tab and under “Working folder” I changed it to “Specified” and then browsed to the external HD with the 1.4TB of space available and selected the same directory the RAR was in, clicked Apply, and tried extracting again, this time with a smaller RAR. The smaller RAR was 3GB in size and also in this same directory on the external HD with plenty of free space available. Despite having changed the temp folder settings in 7-Zip, I still received the “Not enough space on disk” message and before everything froze and crashed completely I opened up the My Computer folder to see that the C drive had gone down from 2GB free to 92KB free. Once again, a manual shut-down was necessary. (Thankfully this time after turning the computer on again the C drive was not still at 92KB of free space and had gone back to 2GB free.)
I borrowed a relative’s Macbook, plugged the external HD into it, downloaded a free extraction program for Mac OS X and extracted both the 42GB RAR and the 3GB RAR to the external HD without issue. I then plugged the external HD back into my desktop PC again and was able to view and access both extracted files on the external HD just fine.

So I had to transfer the RARs and extracted files back and forth on the external HD and use a different computer and different extraction software just to be able to view the extracted files on my regular Windows 7 desktop PC, and 31GB of space is still missing from my C drive, presumably to temp files from the first failed extraction of the 42GB rar. I haven’t had any issues with 7-Zip prior to this; could someone help?


  • A.) How can I find the ~31GB of temp files currently taking up space on my C drive?

  • B.) Even with 2GB free on my C drive, how can I extract a large RAR (let’s say 3GB) using 7-Zip to an external HD with plenty of free space without it always resorting to using my C drive for the temp files in the extraction process, resulting in the “Not enough disk space” error and subsequent crashing?

Thanks in advance for any help!

I'm having some trouble when trying to open a huge .rar file. Actually they are 42 .rar files, each with 97Mb. I've tryed this before, but not with that many .rar files. I open the first one and it expands the rest of the files automaticaly. The thing with this one is that I keep getting an error message, after a long time expanding, saying Error: Not enough memory.
What memory?
I've tryed to open it both on my internal HD, which has about 15GB of free space, and on an external HD with 166GB of free space. So, I don't think this is the problem.
What should I try?
Thanks in advance.

Winrar Not Enough Memory

iMac Intel Core Duo / MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.8), 1,83GHz; 2GB RAM / 2,0GHz; 1GB RAM

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