Plants Vs Zombies Catapult Zombie


In Plants vs. Zombies 2, it's always beneficial to have at least one rooftop plant (Melon-pult, Cabbage-pult, Kernel-pult, etc.) on hand. When you use plant food on them, they will hit every zombie on screen. I usually prefer the Kernel-pult as it launches butter and immobilizes the zombies, giving you more time to implement your other strategies. Scroll down to read our guide named 'Zombie Guide' for Plants vs. Zombies on Android (Android), or click the above links for more cheats. Tweet Check PC cheats for this game Check Nintendo DS cheats for this game Check Xbox 360 cheats for this game Check iPhone cheats for this game.

Hostile Species

Full Name





Insatiable hunger

Enhanced strength
Infinite stamina
Strong jaws
Agility levels may vary






Mass murder
Attempted breaking and entering

Type of Hostile Species

~ Zombies constantly hungry for brains.
The Zombies are coming!
~ A voice line can be heard before they enter the lawn, possibly from the Zombies or the narrator.
We are the Undead!
~ The Zombies.

Zombies are the titular secondary antagonists/enemies of the Plants vs. Zombies video game series.

All of the zombies look exactly the same, except they have different clothes on. They have a huge head, massive eyes, with their jaws open. Some of them appear to be totally bald, while their skin appears to be green.

The zombies are very reanimated and mindless, which are very hungry for human brains. The mission of the game is to prevent them from attempting to eat the player's brains. All of them have various speed and defense levels.

The creation of all the zombies started from the most common zombie in the game, the regular zombie, which is also the weakest one. Once the started one was created, all the others ones were made for the game.

Every level in the game actually has the starter zombie in-game. Later on, the creation of zombies became more various that the difficulties increases.

List of Members


Plants vs. Zombies

Main Zombies

  • Basic Zombie
  • Flag Zombie
  • Conehead Zombie
  • Buckethead Zombie
  • Imp
  • Gargantuar
  • Pole Vaulting Zombie
  • Newspaper Zombie
  • Screen Door Zombie
  • Dancing Zombie
  • Backup Dancer
  • Ducky Tube Zombie
  • Snorkel Zombie
  • Zomboni
  • Zombie Bobsled Team
  • Dolphin Rider Zombie
  • Jack-in-the-Box Zombie
  • Balloon Zombie
  • Digger Zombie
  • Pogo Zombie
  • Bungee Zombie
  • Ladder Zombie
  • Catapult Zombie

Mini-game and minor Zombies

  • Trash Can Zombie
  • Target Zombie
  • Peashooter Zombie
  • Wall-nut Zombie
  • Gatling Pea Zombie
  • Tall-nut Zombie
  • Jalapeno Zombie
  • Squash Zombie
  • Giga-Football Zombie
  • Giga-Gargantuar
  • Catapult Baseball Zombie
  • Baseball Zombie
  • Zombie Yeti

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Ancient Egypt

  • Mummy Zombie
  • Conehead Mummy
  • Buckethead Mummy
  • Pyramid-Head Zombie
  • Flag Mummy Zombie
  • Egyptian Rally Zombie
  • Ra Zombie
  • Explorer Zombie
  • Torchlight Zombie
  • Tomb Raiser Zombie
  • Camel Zombies
  • Pharaoh Zombie
  • Imp Mummy
  • Mummified Gargantuar

Pirate Seas

  • Pirate Zombie
  • Conehead Pirate
  • Buckethead Pirate
  • Barrelhead Zombie
  • Flag Pirate Zombie
  • Jolly Roger Zombie
  • Seagull Zombie
  • Pelican Zombie
  • Imp canon
  • Pirate Captain Zombie
  • Zombie Parrot
  • Barrel Roller Zombie
  • Swashbuckler Zombie
  • Imp Pirate Zombie
  • Gargantuar Pirate

Wild West

  • Cowboy Zombie
  • Conehead Cowboy
  • Buckethead Cowboy
  • Cart-Head Zombie
  • Flag Cowboy Zombie
  • Cowboy Rally Zombie
  • Prospector Zombie
  • Pianist Zombie
  • Poncho Zombie
  • Chicken Wrangler Zombie
  • Zombie Chicken
  • Zombie Bull
  • Rodeo Legend Zombie
  • Zombie Bull Rider
  • Wild West Gargantuar

Frostbite Caves

  • Cave Zombie
  • Cave Conehead Zombie
  • Cave Buckethead Zombie
  • Cave Flag Zombie
  • Hunter Zombie
  • Blockhead Zombie
  • Dodo Rider Zombie
  • Troglobite
  • Weasel Hoarder Zombie
  • Ice weasel
  • Yeti Imp
  • Sloth Gargantuar

Lost City

  • Adventurer Zombie
  • Conehead Adventurer Zombie
  • Buckethead Adventurer Zombie
  • Flag Adventurer Zombie
  • Lost Pilot Zombie
  • Excavator Zombie
  • Parasol Zombie
  • Bug Zombie
  • Relic Hunter Zombie
  • Imp Porter
  • Turquoise Skull Zombie
  • Lost City Imp Zombie
  • Porter Gargantuar

Far Future

  • Future Zombie
  • Future Conehead Zombie
  • Future Buckethead Zombie
  • Holo Head Zombie
  • Future Flag Zombie
  • Robo-Rally Zombie
  • Jetpack Zombie
  • Disco Jetpack Zombie
  • Blastronaut Zombie
  • Shield Zombie
  • Robocone Zombie
  • Disco-tron 3000
  • Mecha-Football Zombie
  • Bug Bot Imp
  • Gargantuar Prime
Plants Vs Zombies Catapult Zombie

Dark Ages

  • Peasant Zombie
  • Conehead Peasant
  • Buckethead Peasant
  • Peasant Flag Zombie
  • Knight Zombie
  • Jester Zombie
  • Wizard Zombie
  • Zombie King
  • Imp Monk Zombie
  • Imp Dragon Zombie
  • Dark Ages Gargantuar

Neon Mixtape Tour

  • Neon Zombie
  • Neon Conehead
  • Neon Buckethead
  • Neon Flag Zombie
  • Punk Zombie
  • Glitter Zombie
  • MC Zom-B
  • Breakdancer Zombie
  • Acrade Zombie
  • 8-bit Zombie
  • Boombox Zombie
  • Imp Punk
  • Hair Metal Gargantuar

Jurassic Marsh

  • Jurassic Zombie
  • Jurassic Conehead
  • Jurassic Buckethead
  • Amberhead Zombie
  • Jurassic Flag Zombie
  • Jurassic Rally Zombie
  • Jurassic Fossilhead
  • Jurassic Bully
  • Jurassic Rockpuncher
  • Jurassic Imp
  • Jurassic Gargantuar

Big Wave Beach

  • Pompadour Zombie
  • Conehead Pompadour
  • Buckethead Pompadour
  • Bikini Zombie
  • Bikini Conehead
  • Bikini Buckethead
  • Beach Flag Zombie
  • Surfer Zombie
  • Fisherman Zombie
  • Octo Zombie
  • Imp Mermaid Zombie
  • Deep Sea Gargantuar

Modern Day

  • Rally Zombie
  • Brickhead Zombie
  • Sunday Edition Zombie
  • Super Fan Imp


  • Treasure Yeti
  • Vase Gargantuar
  • Z-Mech (Plants Vs. Zombies 2)
  • Cardio Zombie
  • Cake Tank

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2


Plants Vs Zombies Bungee Zombie Glitch

  • Foot Soldier
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • All-Star
  • Super Brainz
  • Captain Deadbeard
  • Imp
  • Hover-goat 3000


  • Dr. Patient
  • Dr. Fizzician
  • Dr. Daul Fin
  • Z-Mech 11011-3 (Steve)
  • Gene Error
  • Super Duper Brainz
  • Ol' Deadbeard
  • Zomburger Artist
  • Tony Baloney
  • Barth
  • Brain Slug
  • Blitzer
  • Chieftain
  • Giga Imp


  • Coffin Zombie
  • Outhouse Zombie
  • Exploding Imp
  • Map Pirate
  • Barrel Pirate
  • Vampire Zombie
  • Heal Zombie
  • Browncoat Zombie
  • Build-a-bot
  • Karate Zombie
  • Screen Door Pirate


  • Baron Von Bats
  • Zen Sensei
  • Disco Zombie
  • Giga Gargantuar
  • Gargantuar
  • Yeti Zombie
  • Zombomb

Plants vs. Zombies Comics

  • Tugboat
  • Nigel
  • Frogpantz
  • Anti-Bully Squad (Mr. Grim-Brim, Stilts, Greg-Gargantuar)
  • Zom-ichi
  • Big Trouble
  • Citron Smasher
  • Mr. Stubbins (Dr. Zomboss's Pet)
  • Old Phil
  • Sherlock Brains
  • Zombie Dogs

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Zombie Heroes

  • Super Brainz
  • Rustbolt
  • Electric Boolagoo
  • Impfinity
  • The Smash
  • Neptuna
  • Professor Brainstorm
  • Immorticia
  • Brain Freeze
  • Z-Mech
  • Huge-Giganticus

Beastly Class

  • Skunk Punk
  • Pied Piper
  • Zookeeper
  • Dog Walker
  • Haunting Zombie
  • Loudmouth
  • Haunting Ghost
  • Goat
  • Vengeful Cyborg
  • Squirrel Herder
  • Vimpire
  • Kangaroo Rider
  • Biodome Botanist
  • Cosmic Yeti
  • Primordial Cheese Shover
  • Killer Whale
  • Cat Lady
  • Zombie Yeti
  • Cheese Cutter
  • Cyborg Zombie
  • Ancient Vimpire
  • Nurse Gargantuar
  • Zombot 1000
  • Interstellar Bounty Hunter
  • Supernova Gargantuar
  • Mondo Bronto
  • Gargantuar-Throwing Gargantuar
  • Fraidy Cat
  • Energy Drink Zombie
  • Synchronized Swimmer
  • Overstuffed Zombie
  • Sneezing Zombie
  • King of the Grill
  • Zom-Bats

Brainy Class

  • Cardboard Robot Zombie
  • Paparazzi Zombie
  • Drum Major
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Cell Phone Zombie
  • Pool Shark
  • Zombot Drone Engineer
  • Brain Vendor
  • Mountain Climber
  • Moonwalker
  • Copter Commando
  • Mustache Waxer
  • Gentleman Zombie
  • Kite Flyer
  • Gadget Scientist
  • Wizard Gargantuar
  • Cosmic Scientist
  • Zom-Blob
  • Mustache Monument
  • Electrician
  • Mad Chemist
  • Portal Technician
  • Neutron Imp
  • Wormhole Gatekeeper
  • Duckstache
  • Shieldcrusher Viking
  • Trickster
  • Interdimensional Zombie
  • Teleportation Zombie
  • Gargantuar Mime
  • Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur
  • Leprechaun Imp
  • Regifting Zombie
  • Trick-or-Treater
  • Kitchen Sink Zombie
  • Space Cadet
  • Iron Boarder

Crazy Class

  • Cuckoo Zombie
  • Flamenco Zombie
  • Tennis Champ
  • Unlife of the Party
  • Conga Zombie
  • Orchestra Conductor
  • Loose Cannon
  • Space Ninja
  • Mystery Egg
  • Imp-Throwing Gargantuar
  • Cosmic Dancer
  • Gizzard Lizard
  • Disco Dance Floor
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Abracadaver
  • Fireworks Zombie
  • Disco-Naut
  • Gas Giant
  • Quickdraw Con Man
  • Grave Robber
  • Zombie's Best Friend
  • Barrel of Deadbeards
  • Valkyrie
  • Quasar Wizard
  • Binary Stars
  • Tankylosaurus
  • Headhunter
  • Stupid Cupid
  • Gargantuar-Throwing Imp
  • Hippity Hop Gargantuar
  • Impfinity Clone

Hearty Class

  • Baseball Zombie
  • Team Mascot
  • Medic
  • Arm Wrestler
  • Trash Can Zombie
  • Celestial Custodian
  • Zombie Middle Manager
  • Sumo Wrestler
  • Zombie Coach
  • Cosmic Sports Star
  • Primeval Yeti
  • Lost Colosseum
  • Landscaper
  • Coffee Zombie
  • Planetary Gladiator
  • Genetic Experiment
  • Wannabe Hero
  • Intergalactic Warlord
  • Zombot Battlecruiser 5000
  • Stompadon
  • Chum Champion
  • Zombology Teacher
  • Gargologist
  • Turkey Rider
  • Bonus Track Buckethead
  • Defensive End
  • Octo-Pet

Sneaky Class

  • Mini-Ninja
  • Fishy Imp
  • Smelly Zombie
  • Headstone Carver
  • Hot Dog Imp
  • Stealthy Imp
  • Firefighter
  • Ice Pirate
  • Swabbie
  • Monkey Smuggler
  • Imp Commander
  • Surprise Gargantuar
  • Walrus Rider
  • Space Pirate
  • Cosmic Imp
  • Blowgun Imp
  • Buried Treasure
  • Toxic Waste Imp
  • Line Dancing Zombie
  • Dr. Spacetime
  • Cursed Gargolith
  • Unthawed Viking
  • Mixed-Up Gravedigger
  • Zombot Sharktronic Sub
  • Zombot Plank Walker
  • Space Cowboy
  • Cryo-Yeti
  • Zombot Aerostatic Gondola
  • Raiding Raptor
  • Imposter
  • Fire Rooster
  • Imp-Throwing Imp
  • Captain Flameface
  • Zombie High Diver
  • Trapper Zombie


  • The Plants and Zombies were mentioned in an episode of Supernatural.
  • Some Zombie Heroes are references to famous villains/superheroes:
    • Super Brainz is a parody of Superman from DC Universe.
    • Impfinity is a reference to either Multiple Man, a superhero from the Marvel Universe, or Billy Numerous, a character in the DC Universe.
    • Rustbolt's helmet was based off Marvel's X-Men Magneto, while his armor is a reference to Marvel's Iron Man.
    • Z-Mech is based on the Titan from Titanfall.
    • Professor Brainstorm's invention, Zombie Teleportation-ator used the suffix '-ator' from Dr. Doofenshmirtz's suffix '-inator', who is also a scientist.
    • Neptuna has a little reference to Aquaman from DC Universe.
    • Huge-Giganticus is a reference to Marvel's Galactus, and his ally, Iron Boarder is a reference to another Marvel character, Silver Surfer. His floating chair is a reference to Collectimus from Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • Some Zombies in the comics and Flag Zombie are the only ones with names, beside Dr. Zomboss (with Flag Zombie's real name is Brian).
  • Football Zombie, Gargantuar and Pogo Zombie are the only Zombie in the first game that has his name changed in the future games, All-Star Zombie, Smashing Gargantuar and Pogo Bouncer respectively.
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Before presenting you the Plants VS Zombies Strategy, we should first thank Popcap Games for bring us such a great game. I love almost all the games that Popcap Games presents. If you are really a serious player, buy the full version online thru the link given below at Popcap Games' Official Site. Popcap Games in return, will bring us even better games in the future. Thank you for your support!

Then, I present you the song 'Zombies On Your Lawn' of this Game in Two Versions. Download for free. And enjoy the Advanced Strategy of this game.

DownloadPlants VS Zombiesfor free. While you can play the trial version for an hour. If you like it, buy it online for a lifetime access.

  • Zombies On Your Lawn

By Laura Shigihara

  • Uraniwa ( Japanese Version of Zombies On Your Lawn)

By Laura Shigihara

Wanna Know More about Laura Shigihara?

Start Up

As Plants VS Zombies is becoming one of the most popular casual games throughout USA, today I present you the Advanced Strategy of Plants Vs Zombies which is completely exclusive and original. Let's Move!



This is the source of credit. To build a strong economy, you have to build strong base of sunflowers. When the war becomes fierce and bloody, you have to get it updated into Twin Sunflower in order to spare space to reinforce your arms.

Ultimately, you will have to update all the sunflowers to twin sunflowers. The less sunflowers, the less protection you have to give to keep steady income.

There's another plant called sun-shroom that can also generate credit. But forget about it. It's useless.

Primary Weapon —— Pea Shooter

In this series of pea shooting weapons, I only recommend two.

First is the Repeater which can fire two peas at a time. This shall be one of the most effective attacking plants.Plus, it only costs 200 credits. Really cheap!

Gatling Pea is the updated version of the Repeater. It fires 4 peas at a time which costs 450 credits in total. The equal attacking power to 2 Repeaters but cost 50 credits more. The good thing is, it could save you more room. That's the point. And it looks awesome!

The best Add-on —— Torchwood

If you put the Torchwood in front of the any level of pea shooter, the pea will be on fire which doubles the damage. Really Great add-on.

Another Series of Battle Weapon——Melon-pult

Melon-pult is another series of main battle weapons. Altho it costs 100 credits more than Repeater, it casts massive damage——watermelon. You have to choose your main weapon system from the Pea Shooter system and the Melon-pult system. The latter one is my favorite. I love massive weapon.

Super Upgrading —— Winter Melon

When you get your Melon-pult upgraded to Winter Melon, the attacked zombies will be freezed and slowed for a short time and also, upgrade the damage from heavy to very heavy. More importantly, it also upgrades its attacking power to a new level. I love it. The bad thing is, when the game goes on, the price for this upgrade will rise up to 700 credits. God damn Popcap! Credit, economy, still remains the Top factor of winning a war.

Prince of Night —— Fume-shroom

Why I call Fume-shroom the Prince of Night? Why not King?

This thing can cast medium damage while the damage could overlook the screen doors.

Most importantly, you can see how great it is below.

King of All —— Gloom-shroom

Incredible? But it is true. After upgrading from the Fume-Shroom, it becomes the King of All, altho it doesn't cause the greatest damage. It says on the Almanac Index that the Gloom-shroom causes normal damage, while the attacking range is the surrounding 3×3, and the attacking speed is very fast. With a proper strategy, it could just dominate the battlefield. Wanna know how? Check downstairs.

King of Barricade —— Garlic

Very interesting thing. How could a thing of 50 credits beat the Tall-nut or the Pumpkin?

The thing is, it is invincible during its life time. Any zombie that bites it will have to turn to another lane, which means you don't have to defend all the lanes on the map with the help of the Garlic.

You'll notice from the picture on the right , that the Garlic has two teeth. When it appears to have only one tooth, it is weakening. When it is tearing, it is dying. Got it? Replace it for a new one to proceed. Easy?

Perfect Defense Necessity —— Umbrella Leaf

Do you want to build up the perfect defense line? Then the Umbrella Leaf is a necessity.

It protects its nearby plants by 3×3 from air attacking. Very useful against the Bungee Zombie and the Catapult Zombie.

Tracking Spike Launcher —— Cattail

Cattail can fire several Tracking Spikes to attack any enemy within the screen. Very useful. Probably the lethal weapn in the aqua world. It must be put on a lily pad.

Another important feature is, the spikes it fires can beat the Balloon Zombie, which just could take place of the Cactus. Really nice weapon.

Permanent Weapon —— Spikeweed

Plant it in the very front. It could slow up the enemy, plus attacking. More importantly, it's permanent, 'cause almost nobody is capable of eliminating it.

Ultimate Upgrade —— Spikerock

This time, the Spikeweed is upgraded to Spikerock, whick is even tougher on both defense & offense. The only one could harm it is the Gargantuar, who is the ultimate life form of Zombie Troops. The Gargantuar usually needs 6 strikes to eliminate a single Spikerock. This just spares more time for us to attack him during that time.

Pumpkin —— the Ultimate Shield

This is not what we know in Halloween. Pumpkin here in this game is the ultimate shield protecting anything that under its cover. Try to cover any plant you would like to protect with it.

Metal Killer —— Magnet-shroom

Magnet-shroom is just the authentic metal killer. It could disarm any zombie with any metallic tool, including the jumping pole, bucket, screen door, football helmet,box,pick,hopper and ladder. Almost all the threatening stuff to you. However, as a shroom, it sleeps during the day. We need something to wake it up.. ..

Waker —— Coffee Bean

Plant the Coffee Bean onto any sleeping shroom during the day to wake it up. Very useful plant. Plus, I love coffee!

Conclusion to Plants Introduction

There are 48 plants in total, of which I only talked about a small portion, because what we are discussing here is the Plants VS Zombies Advance Strategy, not a Handbook or an Encyclopedia. I just choose ones that I think are important.

After the introduction, let's talk about some real strategy about the Plants VS Zombies.

Zombie Yeti —— the Special Zombie

If you have seen thru the Almanac Index, you'll probably find a blank slot in the Zombie section, which says Not Encountered Yet. Why? I have finished the adventure for 1 time, and I did get the gold Sunflower. Why is it still blank? I just googled this and found nothing useful. So I continued played the Adventure for the second time. Nothing unexpected happened until I finally got the stage 4-10, which is a special one that we got vision only when the lightning hit. Within this substage, we will encounter the mysterious Zombie Yeti, as showed on the right, you can click for larger picture.

To Michael Jackson

It says in the description of Dancing Zombie that

Any Resemblance between Dancing Zombie and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The author of Plants Vs Zombie seems also a fan of MJ as I do. I like that. Trek headset bearings.

#1 Economy

No economy, no war. My strategy is to build sunflowers & twin sunflowers as much as possible, even in the very front line. Why? Strong economy can sustain the huge cost on heavy weapons. If each sunflower can earn over 50 credits, then it dies a glorious death. I usually plant more than 20 sunflowers during a tough war, which always keeps me sufficient credits. Maybe you think it crazy, but I don't care as long as it could help win the war.

If you really focus on the economy, you can purchase a lmitater in the shop for 30000 credits to copy a sunflower. You can use dual sunflowers to establish your super economy in the early time. Enjoy yourself!

#2 Defense

For most of the time, I don't use any defense at all except the pumpkin. Why? Because almost all the defensing stuff needs a seat which means we have to reduce the attacking plant in exchange. Only the pumpkin can make both sides happy. I don't often use wall-nut or tall-nut. In the late war, they are very fragile.To me, the best defense is to offend.

#3 Discuz on Different Weapon Series

NO.1 Pea Shooter Series

The advantage of this series is the cheap price and the variety. If you choose this series as your main arms, you should buy the special plant Gatling Pea to upgrade your Repeater.

NO.2 Melon-pult Series

Pros: Massive attack, freezing effect with upgrading the Melon-pult to Winter Melon.

Cons: Expensive. Need sufficient credit supply.

NO.3 Kernel-pult Series

Pros: ultimate doom weapon with upgrading Kernel-pult to Cob Cannon, which launches deadly corn cob with doom power and positioning ability.

Cons: Fragile. Extremely expensive. It needs too much time to recharge so that most of us have to abandon it.

NO.3 Starfruit Series

Pros: Very cheap,easy,fast,massive damage

Cons: unable to deal with special zombies like Ballon Zombie,fragile

NO.4 Shroom Series

Pros: The most advanced series

Cons:A little bit complex with accurate strategy

#4 Marinetime Defense & Offense

This is much easier. I only use the Cattail to defend & Offend on the poor. The tracking spike can track any enemy within the screen and destroy it with no mercy. Plus, it can also beat the balloon zombie which is a big problem to us. With over 4 Cattail on the lily pads, we don't have to worry about the marinetime, the digger zombie and the annoying imp.

If possible, we can plant couple of Magnet-shrooms to reinforce the overall defense.

#5 Tips on the early defense

In the early time of defense, before the sunflower are sufficiently planted, we have to make a hard decision between defense and building economy. Here's a perfect solution.

When encountering a zombie in the early time, use a potato mine or a squash to defend any intruder. I prefer a potato mine which only costs 25 credits.Always remember to plant attacking plants after planting 12 sunflowers.

Download Plants VS Zombies for free. While you can play the trial version for an hour. If you like it, buy it online for a lifetime access.

The screenshots come from the 3rd time I played the Survival:Endless yesterday. This time I used a combination of Melon-pult,Gatling Pea and starfruit. See screenshot 2,I lost one cattail in last flag. This time I even got the maximum credits up to 9990.However, I used up all of them in the late game. I died because of credit insufficience again. I got 23 flags. My best record so far the 24 flags made couple of days ago. I can't believe that I even didn't make a new record. What a shame! I thought I could. We all know that in the late game, the price index is sky high except for some plants, starfruit is the best one that has the fairest price & attacking power. I love it. What do you think?

This is a screenshot of today's playing. starfruit is a very powerful & economy weapon when there's no special zombies like Ballon Zombie. Very economic way. Only 125 credits. I use the Imitater to make a copy so as to create a Starfruit legion in a short time. What do you think of this strategy?

Goldfarm Advanced Strategy —— Minigame:Last Stand

There are hundreds of set up to play the Minigame:Last Stand, but here we're talking about making it a goldfarm. To be specific, making 10000+ coins for each time. How?

Make sure to own 10 plots and make the selection like the pic above. If you only have 9 slots, forget about the Tall-nut.

Let's move on if you have just done what I've told you.

Honestly, I learned this set up from another guy in the internet, but he's too lazy to visualize this tactics to you guy, I do it instead.

See the initial set up? Just copy it. If you don't choose the Tall-nut, replace it with the Pumpkin.

Remember, the Gloom-shroom and the Magnet-shroom both need Coffee Beans to activate, while the Gold Magnet doesn't have to.

You'll get a reward of credits after each flag, spend it buying new Lily Pads & Marigolds.

P.S. Remember to renew the Garlic each Flag. You'll likely to renew one of the dying Pumpkin in the last flags.


Stronger Defense


2 Slots less for planting Marigolds.


You can choose this alternative initial set up if you don't wanna get trouble in defense.

Actually, I prefer this set up, 'cause this one is more reliable.

Whoops, I made a new record today —— 33 flags. Why? I have been thinking for hours to figure out this combination in the Survival:Endless. I didn't know whether I could make a new record or not. I just made a snapshot during the 12th flag. It's really a fierce war.


We don't have to watch the back any more. The Gloom-shroom takes care of the Digger Zombie and the Imp. The Umbrella Leaf takes care of the Bungee Zombie and the Catapult Zombie. The Cattail takes care of the Balloon Zombie.The Gloom-shroom in the front takes care of the nearby zombies. The Tall-nut stops the Dolphin RIder Zombie. The Spikerock heavily damages and slows all zombies, vehicles and the Gargantuars. And the three-line Winter Melon Catapult makes the final strike.


I should have make a four-line winter melon catapults, which makes the defense perfect.You can try it and tell me the result.


I'll keep thinking about new combinations.I just spent hours getting this set up.With this set up, I just made a new record of surviving 33 flags. What's your idea?

Can anyone survive 100 flags in Plants VS ZombiesSurvival:Endless? I can't even survive 50 flags. But somebody did survive 200 flags.I didn't believe it at first. Is that within human's ability? But how can I tell what human's ability is? Of course, unlimited. Let's witness this Human Limit Challenge. And wait for Empty to reveal his Combo. We'll see.

With the new strategy I figured out for hours, I got this setup for Survival:Endless. I use the ultimate lethal weapon —— Cob Cannon as the main weapon. Fortunately, it works, updating the up limit to almost 50 flags. However, I have shown you people who survived 200 flags. The only thing I could figure out is that he uses more than 8 cob cannons, maybe 12. I'll try that strategy next time see if it works.

We should thank Empty about sharing the snapshot of surviving 222 flags. Now I'll give my point of view.


  • Doom Destructive Power(8 Cob Cannons)
  • 4 Gloomy-shrooms to completely barricade Digger Zombies(the most annoying enemies)


  • Insufficient Defense against Bungee Zombies(well winter melons can subsidize that)
  • Gold Magnet is just unnecessary.
  • What is the use of the Kernel-pult on the second lane?
  • What if the Dolphin Rider Zombie jumps to the fifth line?
  • Is the defense good enough to defend Balloon Zombies without Cattails?
  • The Cob Cannons in the pool are fragile under the threat of Bungee Zombies.

I'll dig deeper into this. o(∩_∩)o..Leave your comment.

Since this page contains too much content, I have made a separate hub to discuz Survival Endless, please visit this hub if you're interested in strategies to survive 200 flags and beyond.

Survival Endless 200 Flags and Beyond

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Since this page contains too much content, I have made a separate hub to discuz Survival Endless, please visit this hub if you're interested in strategies to survive 200 flags and beyond.

  • How to Deal with Special Zombies in Survival Endless

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  • I love this game so much. :)

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  • i'am make new record with 1753 flags, what about you!!

  • Laptop is down so I have 2 b satisfied with the mobile version tor kindle fire. I can not speak to survival but tor the mobile game the fume shrooms and the spike weed work best. My strategy is to plant items that can't be eaten line garlic and spikeweed. I plant defenses that are edible. I only plant defenses in '2' rows. I plant garlic to force zombies to the rows desired. That way none of my defenses are ever eaten. This works everywhere except on the roof where kernal pults seem to work best. Can't wait for my laptop to get repaired so I can try this strategy with survival.

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  • I have the most trouble with the nighttime/pool/fog level. Any hints?

  • *About the Winter Melon post:

    I made a mistake, it should have said:

    I wouldn't buy the Winter Melon because it doesn't do MUCH more damage than a normal Melon Pult. For example, if a Melon Pult kills a cone zombie in four hits, then a Winter Melon does it in THREE. -(Not to scale)

    Sorry about that!

  • Could any one post the screen shot at 50 flags. i could able to reach 50th only.

  • theres no stradegy #:(

  • any new progress?

    (using xbox, not PC)

    Granted, I can't boast 200 flags.. but after a series of unfortunate jack-in-the-boxes..I ducked out at 80. -my strategy-

    (everything but cob cannons get pumpkins)

    row 1:Gloom,Gloom,Winter melon,cob,fume*,spikerock(optional)

    row 2:Double sun,umbrella,winter melon,cob,gloom, puff shroom**

    row 3:Cob,Cob,cattail,gloom,gloom,gloom,gloom

    row 4:Cob,Cob,cattail,gloom,gloom,gloom,gloom

    row 5:Double sun,umbrella,winter melon,cob,gloom, puff shroom**

    row 6:Gloom,Gloom,Winter melon,cob,fume*,spikerock(optional)

    *cheap and easy to replace

    **only functions as a small buffer (no pumpkin required)

    start round with:

    lily pad,fume,gloom,coffee,pumpkin,imitator pumkin, spike weed, spike rock, cherry, jalapeno

  • I have a strategy for last stand. Plant in the back a whole row of winter melons. Plant another row of winter melons but DO NOT plant more than one winter melon on the water lanes. Then start planting Cattails and(if you need to) rebuilding your army. So it will look like this:

    Melon pult + Winter melon Melon pult + Winter melon

    Melon pult + Winter melon Melon pult + Winter melon

    Lily pad + Melon pult + Winter Melon Endless Cattails

    Lily pad + Melon pult + Winter Melon Endless Cattails

    Melon pult + Winter melon Melon pult + Winter melon

    Melon pult + Winter melon Melon pult + Winter melon

  • i just wanted to follow up the question above.. my tree of wisdom is there any point for continuing it?

  • ..

  • Hi everyone im a huge fan of ds game and im very thankful for d tips i ony lasted for 60 flags I use 8 cobs and it really does the work ,

    Charity Imortals

  • The best record in CHINA is 15000 flags.

  • Very detailed. I was impressed. I think I have done around 35 waves and never finished it out.

  • your analysis on the 222 flags really sucks. 1st bungees cannot take cob cannons. 2nd it seems that there are no balloon zombies at 222 flags but even though there are no defenses against balloon zombies like cattails he can always use BLOVER. 3rd if you are playing survival endless just for farming money gold magnets would really be of great help. and lastly, if you fill up every lane on the pool dolphin rider zombies are only capable of jumping up to the fourth lane only.. This game review really sucks, like it was done by a 5 year old kid..

  • This is awesome tips and hints on Plants vs zombies. I played it already but didn't know the real secret to win each level.

    Great information

  • wow this sucked. i tried it got to round 2. did mine got to round 50.

  • wow this sucked. i tried it got to round 2. did mine got to round 50.

  • HI, Yesterday i got 37 in ipad version, idont why but its more dificicult than PC/mac ver.

    Im clear you need golden magnet to have a clean shoot with the corn launcher, in Ipad is common the zombies cover themselves with coins, so it make me fail very offen.

    so 2 golden magnet make sense. ill try to reach 40, but why ipad is so dificult than desktop ver???

  • Hi.

    My name is Sam, I now play a lot to help my two young boys (and I am better thant them ;) ,).

    Sorry for my english, I am french.

    I have a special problem : i'd like to re-install the PC but i'd like to keep the PvsZ informations (profiles, scores, and so on). I tried to find where it could be stored (Vista) but didn't find anything.

    Any idea ?

    And.. all my respect for the 200 flags :respect: :D


  • very stupid

  • Cob Cannons cannot take away by bungee zombies.

    Using 8 cob cannons is the best offense in the survival mode, i made it until 66.

    Gold Magnets are not necessary in the survival endless since it occupies another room, make it a cattails max at 2.

    6 gloom shrooms at the middle front of the water aisle is very effective lines of defense and offense at the same time. and having it 4 on the second column gives a best defense from digger zombies and baby zombies, the one who throw away by the gargantaur.

    Melons series/combo is much more effective than pea shooter series/combo. Always convert it to winter melons its increases the damage from heavy to very heavy.

  • Well... I could do 700 flags with 10 corn pults 12 cob cannons and filling the pool with gloom shrooms and pumpkins.

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  • dude. i used some of your ideas and i reached 34 flags..yeah!!!!

  • Just so you know..

    The cob cannon is too big to be stolen by Bungee Zombies. They don't *try* to steal them.

    And yes, 8 cobs is about all you can do--the zombies pop up in the first 5 columns of water every two flags. A Cat-Tail is useful in this regard.

  • you should play left 4 dead 2 it is an awesome so buy it

  • I just wanna beat the endless survival any suggestions? I can't get past 44 flags

  • we also got the silver sunflower and we already

    already encountered the yeti. How come you know the zombie yeti you only got the silver sunflower? how many times did you play your adventure?

  • If you can get past 50 flags, you can never stop unless you make a mistake. Using 8 cob cannons is the most efficient method, as I've tried with 10 but too hard to maintain. I'm currently at 460 flags, it gets kind of boring after a while. I was actually wondering if anyone knew how tall the tree of wisdom gets and if it's worth reaching that number? I'm currently at 1000ft and want to know if it's worth my time to continue playing endless to save up more money? Also, is there any reward for owning all of the plants in the Zen Garden or should I just sell all of them and take the money? Thank you

  • Hi wartist, you made me curious. i have to try this game.

  • On the 222, he doesn't need bungee or catapult defense b/c he can just target them with rockets. Have to stay on the ball though ;)

  • i have managed to secure 450 flags in survival: endless. the file is still running and playable!!! i can publish the proof of 450 flags, but the defense strategy is a secret :-)

  • in the 222 flags analysis, the back columns are vulnerable to catapults. it's rly amazing how it lasted 222 flags when there are so many weak spots

  • I just started playing this awhile back. for me the best pea shooter is the Snow Pea (blue ones)because it slows down the enemy. I normally used Snow Pea, winter melon and cob cannons. I used that and just replaces the tall-nuts if needed. but I normally used pumpkins. Magnet shrooms and the umbrella leaf. I haven't gone to endless survival yet, so I can't say it's very effective. but so far so good.

  • i figured out a combo to get to at least onehundred every1 mightn ot get to 200 like empty but i got to 100 so im proud ^^

  • i can answer a few questions.

    - Gold magnet is use for collecting coin (of course), and after 222 flags, the $ is maximum ($999.999). It seems interesting.

    - I had said that the kernel-pult 's position is twin-sunflower before.

    - Use cattail will never be enough for ballon Zombies (about 20 zombies each time). And what do you think when a ballon zombies drop in your cob-canons.

    your sun is always max (9.990) so you can do much more than you expect. try it.

  • his build is like Ryan,only one diference. but i really don't know why my friend can survival 200 flags..

    this pic can satisfy you:

    the kernel-pult is replaced by a twin-sunflower before.

  • hehe, but that is not my build. It's my classmate. And i saw him play more than 200 flags easily. When I saw his build, my first think is: It 's really Perfect.

    he used 8 cob-canons..

    i will try to find an imagine soon. And you will understand.

  • This guide really help me a lot. Thanks for helping me getting the giant amount of money in Last Stand

  • i figured out a combo to get to at least onehundred every1 mightn ot get to 200 like empty but i got to 100 so im proud ^^

  • how do u start the amazing combo up? like do u start out with just two rows of ur sunflowers and then eventually spread them out like that?

  • what do you think about 200 flags survival endless ???

  • At that stage in the game and with so much money in the bank, you could easily get rid of a line of sunflowers for additiona pults.