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Appears inGrand Campaign
CultureSouthern European
Starting regionsMilan Region; Genoa Region

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Milan is one of the factions of Medieval II: Total War, unlockable after completing the campaign as one of the starting factions.


Milan is a city of both possibility and problems. The Archbishop of Milan was until very recently the most powerful political figure in Northern Italy, with the city well and truly under his thumb. Though still Catholic, the Milanese are breaking free from the control of the church to form a mighty, expanding municipality.

The Milanese are surrounded by possible allies and enemies. The Alps provide Milan with a natural barrier to the north that ensures the city is relatively safe from Swabia and the Holy Roman Empire - If the Milanese hold the mountain passes, they can hold off Northern Europe. While the mountains fence Milan off from the world, Genoa serves as the coastal gateway to the Mediterranean and beyond.


Though better positioned to expand into the rest of Europe than the other Italian peoples, the Milanese are also the most likely to have to confront the Northern European powers first, and will need to consolidate their position swiftly by working their way into the nearby provinces that the French and Germanic forces have not secured... yet.


Boasts strong militia infantry, crossbowmen and late technology.


Poor offensive cavalry.

Medieval 2 Total War How To Unlock Factions List


  • Religion - Catholic
  • Long Campaign win conditions - Hold 45 regions, including: Constantinople Region
  • Short Campaign win conditions - Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: The Holy Roman Empire, Venice
  • Financial Start - Starting Purse 6,000 Florins
  • Kings Purse- 2,000 Florins


  • Milan (Minor City, Capital) - Town Watch, Small Church, Town Hall, Grain Exchange, Dirt Roads, Land Clearance
  • Genoa (Minor City) - Town Watch, Port

Initial units

  • 3 General Bodyguard's
  • 6 Italian Spear Militia
  • 3 Peasant Archers
  • 1 Mailed Knights
  • 4 Galley

Ruling Family

Medieval 2 Total War How To Unlock All Factions Steam

  • Duke Giorgio (Age 54; Faction Leader) - Command 3, Chivalry/Dread 0, Authority 3, Piety 3
  • Count Bernardo (Age 36; Faction Heir) - Command 5, Chivalry/Dread 0, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Cristoforo Rossi (Age 35; Family Member) - Command 2, Chivalry/Dread 0, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Puccio Rossi (Age 11; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Catelano Rossi (Age 8; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Agostino Rossi (Age 2; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Fiora Rossi (Age 10; Junior Family Member; Female)
  • Simona Rossi (Age 6; Junior Family Member; Female)

Initial Agents

  • Chimenti Bossi (Age 20; Spy) - 3 Subterfuge
  • Frolio Carcano (Age 26; Diplomat) - 2 Influence
  • Evio Perego(Age 38; Cardinal) - 5 piety
  • Lerino Matarrese(Age 30; Merchant) - 2 Finance


  • The symbol of Milan is the Biscione, the coat of arms of the House of Visconti.
  • Milan is depicted as amalgamation of the city states of Milan and Genoa in game as evidenced by their unit roster and starting settlements. However, in reality they were separate states and Genoa came under the rule of the Visconti of Milan in the 15th century.
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